Why ThingaOS Connected Home Controller Is the Next Big Thing in Home Automation

Why ThingaOS Connected Home Controller Is the Next Big Thing in Home Automation


The prospect of smart homes is incredible. These homes can make your life simpler, provide enhanced comfort, and help you enjoy your time indoors a lot more than before. However, to date, there has been an absence of a proper home automation solution that can offer an enriching living experience. Some systems lack sufficient features, while others don’t integrate well with smart home technologies like Apple Home.

However, Tantiv4 has changed the game by not only addressing these issues but also adding a lot more to the smart home industry with a cutting-edge solution. This development came with the much-awaited release of ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller.


How to Make the Most of the ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller?

The true potential of ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller can only be appreciated when you can learn its use cases.

Control Lighting

You can use it to configure your lighting infrastructure. You can turn on or turn off lights from any place at any time. In this way, you can also detect an unwanted entry in your home whenever a light gets switched on.

Protect Your Home

ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller can protect your home with a terrific safety mechanism. You can configure smart locks with dynamic access control. It can help you to monitor who goes in and out of your home. You can distribute personalized codes to your family and friends.

Save Energy

ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller offers a lot when it comes to energy conservation. By using a smart meter, it continuously measures the energy in your electrical usage and can provide recommendations on how to save energy, such as adjustments in HVAC settings and shutting down unused appliances.

Schedule Appliances

You can set routines for your appliances with a Central Scene Controller. For instance, you schedule your thermostat for the office hours. Similarly, you can make your breakfast or dinner with a smart oven by setting it to run at a specified time.

ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller is designed to offer you with useful insights. Usually, homeowners are late in detecting water leaks and have to pay a lot for repairs and maintenance. Tantiv4’s product can identify these leaks before they can cause any significant damage.

Similarly, this solution can alert you as soon as any suspicious individual attempts to enter your home. These alerts come in the form of VOIP calls, email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and via IFTTT.

Use Smart Switches

Rather than using the same old traditional switches, you can configure smart switches. These switches are connected to the app. You can use them to switch on/off lights and manage appliances like fireplaces and disposal units or control bathroom and ceiling fans.

Integrate with Z-Wave Protocol

Unlike some other smart home products, the ThingaOSTM Connected Home Controller integrates well with the Z-Wave protocol. It is a wireless and interoperable RF-based communication technology that is used to monitor and control smart homes. Z-Wave has received high praise from the industry. Therefore, the Home Controller can allow you to integrate products from different vendors like smart locks, smart switches, sirens, or smart bulbs.

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