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Everything you need to power your IoT product, from device to cloud

Tantiv4's IoT solutions bring together top technologies, strategies and implementations for key industries. Our innovative solutions, products and services connect "Things" to the Internet, helping grow adoption in today's challenging environments. Built on the core ThingaOS platform, Tantiv4 solutions in Home Automation, Disaster Management, and Power Metering help resolve critical challenges on the edge and the cloud faced by our customers and their consumers.

Property Management Solution

AI & ML Powered Power Analytics Solution for IIoT 4.0

Tantiv4 MiDAS Power Analytics enabled with AI and ML lower your operating costs and power bills through energy monitoring and energy analyses.

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Property Management Solution
Rezrv logo

The World's Best Solution to Manage Your
Internet Bandwidth

REZRV is a software designed for existing and new enterprise and home routers that give the office IT manager or the home user the ability to monitor and manages the network needs.

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Property Management Solution

The Smarter Real Estate
Management Solution

Shield solutions allow the property manager to track crucial building health information and trends. Property managers can then choose to take immediate action and eliminate potential problems before they grow into much bigger and more expensive issues.

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Property Management Solution

ThingaOS™ Benefits

One app control for the smart home technology, whether just one device or an entire network, consumers can take advantage of its many features and capabilities to protect their homes, property, and loved ones.


Tantiv4's Platform and Solutions are scalable by applications & provide sensor data convergence with meaningful actions to enhance business efficiencies.

Easy to Access
Easy Access

Provides flexible tools for managing dashboards or device management, data collection and visualization for your IoT needs.

Easy to use
Easy to Use

Create affordable, purpose-built solutions that drive business-changing outcomes with automated reporting.


Solutions for Industrial and Consumer IoT needs AI and Predictive Analytics as a core to bring IT and OT convergence.


ThingaOS™ IoT connectivity layer connects all points in the IoT ecosystem, such as sensors, gateways, routers, and cloud applications.


Tantiv4's ThingaOS™ Platform provides security at the device and within the network, to adequately protect IoT devices and networks.

Customize your Solution for
Multi-family Housing communities, Industrial and Enterprise Digital Transformation Needs

Tantiv4 focuses on helping businesses accelerate digital transformation with the Internet of Things by creating automated solutions. These solutions increase overall operational efficiency in an industry by predicting problem situations (such as a machine motor breakdown) before such an event happens. These solutions not only help in managing costs by reducing downtime but also help in planning around the machine repairs to minimize the impact of such events. For a multi-housing community and single-family homes, our Shield automation and facility management solutions help avert catastrophic maintenance caused by a water leak or similar unforeseen circumstances.

Please contact us for building customized solutions for your needs.

Struggling with IoT implementation, concerned about the RoI or just clueless where to start?

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