Property Management

Unlike other industries in the last few years, real estate developers and the property management environment have not utilized the benefits of adopting IoT technology.

Property managers can now leverage IoT to facilitate connections between smart devices, Wi-Fi routers, and measuring equipment to automate critical tasks, improve customer (resident) experience, and minimize costs. Smart buildings and smart cities are on the rise around the world, so it’s time for all property experts to leverage Tantiv4’s expertise in IoT with automated solutions, which can be adapted with a single backend infrastructure for monitoring and operation, increasing their value. Additionally, property managers can use IoT automation and smart systems to track information like energy and water wastage and other important components in a resident’s day-to-day life. This can help to minimize costs for residents paying full package deals for their home, electricity, and other amenities.

Shield Management Improves User Experience

Shield Management Improves User Experience

Shield solutions allow the property manager to track crucial building health information and trends. Property managers can then choose to share this data with their tenants, helping them schedule appointments and accommodating the needs of these tenants.

Security of a building in another very common concern for both building owners and tenants alike; Shield Management offers solutions combining connected cameras and wireless indoor sensors. For instance, a sensor could allow property owners to provide their clients with a set of virtual guard services. Once the resident programs when he or she is going to be out of the house, the sensors will track potential movement around and in the building, immediately alerting the property manager if there is a risk of a break-in. To extend this further with digital IoT devices such as locks, the property manager can help assist by disarming and or opening the locks once the identity has been verified if a tenant forgets their key or phone.

Shield Management solution from Tantiv4 focuses on the safety and peace of mind of the property owner. The practice of predictive maintenance is an advancement of the fourth industrial revolution, offered by Tantiv4.

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Shield Automation Control all Residential Units Powered by ThingaOS

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Our solution will empower you to manage individual units as well as common areas for any kind and any size of the property.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Our solution will empower you to manage individual units as well as common areas for any kind and any size of the property.

Shield Automation Control all Residential Units Powered by ThingaOS

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Our solution will empower you to manage individual units as well as common areas for any kind and any size of the property.

Shield Automation Control all Residential Units Powered by ThingaOS™
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Shield Automation Solution for Your Truly Smart Home

Tantiv4’s Shield Automation solution gathers data from IoT sensors in a building or property. When coupled with the Shield Management system, this results in the ultimate, most effective solution for property managers.

Home Controller
molls and shops
companies and factories
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Lifestyle & Convenience

Scenes let you trigger multiple devices with click of a button. All scene can be customized for personal preferences.

Wake-up Scene

Mornings can sometimes feel like a race to the finish line. You have to fit in your daily routine and, perhaps, help get your family out the door as well. Activating the “Wake-up” scene can turn on lights, raise the temperature, turn on a coffee pot and disarm the security system automatically.

Activate Coffee Pot

Open Blinds


Wake-up Scene

Bed-time Scene

Is the door closed? Have I switched the lights off in the kitchen? We bet these disturbing thoughts often arrives before you fall into sleep. Activating your “Bed-Time” scene can turn off lights, lower your home temperature, lock your front and back doors and arm your security system to “Home” mode.

Dim Lights

Lock Door

System Status

Bed-time Scene

Vacation Scene

One of the best ways to deceive intruders would be to make them believ that there is someone at home when you’re actually miles away. Activating “Vacation” mode can simulate turning on and turning off lights and arming your system to “Away” mode.

System Armed

Lights Simulation

Mobile Notification

Vacation Scene

Home Security

Total Home Security solution with advanced technology and easy control.
Get peace of mind with customizable home security

Control your home from anywhere with the Smart Door Locks. Free yourself from the hassles of using keys by adding a door lock with advanced features.

Door Lock

Garage Lock

Unlocked Alert

Door Lock

Arm and disarm is a simple way to better protect your home.

  • Home Mode- protects your family while they are inside the home.
  • AwayMode- is used when nobody is home.
  • Off Mode- disarms the system.



Off Mode

Arm System

Get alerts from instant sensor-triggered notification as a Text msg, Voice call and Email Notification.

Phone SMS

Email Notification

Phone Call

Alerts and notifications

Home Safety

Though a number of serious safety hazards lurk around the average home, most of these concerns are easily addressed with Shield Automation, making sure you’re doing everything you can to achieve maximum safety at home.

Water Leak Sensors checks for the presence of water in locations it shouldn’t be (from a leaky supply line, appliance, or drainpipe) and raises an alarm while shutting off the water valve to prevent any major disasters.

Water Leak

Water Valve


Water Leak Sensor

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm reliably detects and alerts you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home.

Smoke Sensor

Carbon Monoxide

System Status

Smoke Sensor

A Motion sensor expands your Home Automation Kit and adds an extra layer of security to your home. When your Shield Automation system is armed, the Motion sensors sends instant alerts to your phone and tablet whenever motion is detected at home. Motion sensors can also be used to switch on lights, plugs or trigger other devices.

Motion Sensor

System Armed


Motion Sensor

The Window and Door Sensor simply mounts to any window or door frame with double sided tape to track/monitor the status of open or closed. Door sensors can also be used to switch on lights, plugs or trigger other devices.

Door Sensor

Window Sensor


Door/Window Sensor

Lighting & Plugs

Smart lighting and plugs bring together the twin pillars of home automation: Convenience and security. By taking charge of your lighting and devices using nothing but an app on your smartphone or voice commands.

Automate your lights to work with other sensors like motion sensor or door sensor to add connivence to your life. You can also switch off and on all lights using our mobile app while relaxing on your couch.

Bulb / Lamp

Strip Light

Ceiling Light

Lights Automation

Control your devices with simple voice commands with Alexa or Google home.

“Alexa! lock my front door”

“Ok Google! Turn off kitchen lights”

Dim Lights

Lock Door

System Home Mode

Voice Commands

You can add smart plugs and switches and control the devices connected to them to schedule your plug-in lamps, holiday lighting or small appliances to turn on/off from anywhere.





Voice Support

For added convenience use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your devices, so you can say things like “Turn on the living room lights” or “Lock my front door”

Google Assistant

You can give commands to Google Assistant - Google's voice-activated virtual helper to control your Shield Automation devices.

Google Mini

Nest Audio

Nest Hub

Google Home Kit

Amazon Alexa

You can give commands to Amazon’s Assistant – Alexa voice-activated virtual helper to control your Shield Automation devices.


Echo Dot

Echo Show

Amazon Alexa
Shield Automation Shield Management Logo

Use Shield Automation
to Control all Residential Units through one Dashboard



What is Shield Automation ?

Shield Automation is a technology provider for Home Automation and Smart Home Security services.

How is Shield Automation different?

It is engineered to be more reliable than others by sending alerts and notifications 24*7 even if the system is disarmed. 

What devices can be added to the hub?

Sensors such as water leak sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, door sensors and devices such as lights, plugs, switches, door locks, garage locks, water shut-off valve etc.


Can I integrate Shield Automation hub with Alexa or Google home?

Yes, it can be controlled with easy voice commands.

What type of notifications can I receive?

Voice call, Text msg and Email notifications.

What is the difference between “User Rules” and “System Rules”?

System Rules - will be generated automatically when devices are added to the controller.
User Rules - These are customized scenes created by user.

Can I access Shield Automation using my phone?

Yes, Apps are available for iPhone and Android devices. 

What is the difference between Shield Management and Shield Automation?

Shield Management can be used to manage multiple properties with a single dashboard. Shield Automation can be used to manage a single property.


What type of properties can Shield products be used for?

Shield Management can be used for all types and sizes of properties, including apartments, townhomes, hotels, factories and single-family homes. 

Know how we can reduce the stress & time in managing properties with the use of technology using Shield Management & Shield Automation.

Contact us today!

Concept of Property Management Solution

Are you Managing Large Properties, Commercial, residential, or Factories, and caught-up by too many alerts from smart systems? Getting messages from different smart systems and devices can be frustrating and stressful. This is where we can help, with the concept of Tantiv4 Property Management Solution. Explore More-

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