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Our ThingaOS next-generation IOT platform is all you need to ensure stress-free, efficient and smooth property management. Compatible with all popular IOT ecosystems such as Apple, Google and Amazon, ThingaOS empowers you to manage multiple properties across the country by enabling you to control all systems with one device. When all systems can be controlled by a single device centrally, you can better manage your property.

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ThingaOS - Stress-free, Efficient and Smooth Property Management
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ThingaOS also provides status updates to a secure cloud platform which allows for instant notifications and subsequent actions as defined by the user in addition to providing easy to understand dashboards on every smart system and device within one or several properties

Let’s take a look at an example to understand it better:

Suppose you own apartment complexes in three different cities with over 200 or 500 apartments. Now imagine you’ve installed a variety of smart systems in all of these such as security cameras, digital locks, water leak detectors, humidity and temperature sensors, shut-off valves, door window sensors, security alarms and smoke detectors. Isn’t managing all these devices separately and remotely going to be difficult and exhausting?

Detect all the Compatible Smart Devices in your Network - ThingaOS

Let’s say you decide to use ThingaOS platform. ThingaOS will help you detect all the compatible smart devices in your network and then instantly populate them in your phone app and web interface, thereby allowing you to control all smart devices centrally and from a single interface via cloud and from anywhere.

Wait there’s more!

Operate Devices with A Click Of A Button Or Use Alexa, Google Or Siri Voice Services

It also allows you to set rules and automate devices to work in synergy. Furthermore, you can operate them with a click of a button or use Alexa, Google or Siri voice services. Message notifications and periodic updates help users to stay vigilant, and take actions promptly, if and when needed.

Now let’s picture that there is a water leak in any of the apartment. The system will detect the problem and send you a notification right away. You can instantly handle the problem by simply shutting off valves without ever visiting the property.

Know About Water Leaks  & Shutoff Valves without Visiting the Property
Monitor Your Home with Property Management Solution

Likewise, if an intruder tries to break in, your IP camera systems can notify you and send pictures of the intruder. With a click of a button you can turn on the lighting system to make the intruder feel like the people inside the home are awake and simultaneously you can call the cops.

ThingaOS offers a plethora of benefits to property owners and managers. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Cost-efficiency as you don’t have to travel from one location to another, and visit the property to handle the problems. You can do it even from a remote location.
  • Save big on damages that may otherwise be caused due to water leaks, security break-ins, fire, and etc.
  • Centrally manage all devices via cloud connectivity.
  • Spare yourself from stress and frustration.

Our ThingaOSTM platform is being used by property owners across industries for efficient property management. The success of our platform can be gauged by an ever-increasing customer base which includes satisfied clients and referrals.

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It’s all you need to centralize and manage your properties across the country with ease.

If you don’t act now, you could end up losing money and time on poor property management, while your competitors rake in big profits with this smart platform.


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What is Shield Automation ?

Shield Automation is a technology provider for Home Automation and Smart Home Security services.

How is Shield Automation different?

It is engineered to be more reliable than others by sending alerts and notifications 24*7 even if the system is disarmed. 

What devices can be added to the hub?

Sensors such as water leak sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, door sensors and devices such as lights, plugs, switches, door locks, garage locks, water shut-off valve etc.


Can I integrate Shield Automation hub with Alexa or Google home?

Yes, it can be controlled with easy voice commands.

What type of notifications can I receive?

Voice call, Text msg and Email notifications.

What is the difference between “User Rules” and “System Rules”?

System Rules - will be generated automatically when devices are added to the controller.
User Rules - These are customized scenes created by user.

Can I access Shield Automation using my phone?

Yes, Apps are available for iPhone and Android devices. 

What is the difference between Shield Management and Shield Automation?

Shield Management can be used to manage multiple properties with a single dashboard. Shield Automation can be used to manage a single property.


What type of properties can Shield products be used for?

Shield Management can be used for all types and sizes of properties, including apartments, townhomes, hotels, factories and single-family homes. 

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