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Tantiv4 solutions solves the device protocol integration and micro-services problem much like the way people hate dealing with multiple remotes when watching your favorite show on TV or Netflix. If you are a Smart Home owner all your devices can be controlled by a common ThingaOS™ application framework to control washing machines, brew your coffee, control window blinds etc. manually and with the automated decision making of ThingaOS™ which incorporates Ai and machine learning to suit your habits and needs.

Smart Controls with ThingaOS Gateway For Your Home's HVAC System

Consider this example where a smart thermostat like Nest or Honeywell device communicates with a weather monitoring system to get real live updates on weather changes. These changes are then processed to instantly adjust the living space environments without the need to either giving a voice based command or physically adjusting the temperature on the Thermostat. ThingaOS™ Ai capability can provide additional cost and energy savings by automatically closing the window shades and adjusting the HVAC to optimal systems. If a motion sensor and or a camera are present the machine learning aspect can be extended to take action when the occupants are present in the dwelling or adjust in such a manner that by the time the occupants are back the environment is comfortable.

Cutting Edge Technology

ThingaOS™ will continue to incorporate advances to IoT Smart Home technology, we already have progressed the development of smart devices from applications within the home to devices outside of the home. An example of such a development is addressing a very common problem seen in commercial buildings and home by preventing floods caused by leaking pipes or appliances! Sensors throughout your home will detect a water leak, and communicate to your main shut off valve or ancillary valves to shut off the water immediately while notifying you simultaneously. Should there be an actual leak, the damage would be minimal and insurance companies will offer discounts on premiums to have this service installed.

Learn How ThingaOS Works

Tantiv4’s platform is built to detect and communicate the need for repairs, even schedule appointments before an appliance breaks. This is tremendous value for the home owner and device makers by saving time and cost as the ThingaOS™ platform can diagnose a break before it happens. Imagine such a convenience to the home owner - consider a washing machine or a HVAC system about to break and sending messages to the manufacturer who will then schedule and send the appropriate technician with current appliance status information and right components and parts to fix the issue. Such a service avoids frustration and disruption to the owner and is well received

ThingaOS™ System - Constantly Monitor for the Water Leaks in Case the Washing Machine is Behaving Erratically

ThingaOS™ system is also constantly monitoring for the water leaks in case the washing machine is behaving erratically and can take appropriate actions such as switching off the washing machine while shutting off the water supply and sending notifications to the home owner.

The Possibilities are unlimited.

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