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REZRV is a software designed for existing and new enterprise and home routers that give the office IT manager or the home user the ability to monitor and manage the network needs.

REZRV is a patented technology that applies bandwidth management policies by measuring and controlling all communication (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the bandwidth to capacity, thereby eliminating congestion and poor performance of the network.

Network Smartware Router

Some of the Primary Features that REZRV Offers Include

Enhanced Video Streaming Experience over Wi-Fi

AI & ML Based Bandwidth Management

Steady Reliable Connectivity for IoT Devices

Improved WiFi performance at a distance

Reduced Packet Jitter while Streaming

Analytics-Internet Usage Statistics

Why and How for the Beta Testers?

We have limited Beta Testing openings. Based on your prior experience and a random selection, we will pick the top candidates and will get in touch with you.

We will have a bug-bounty program to reward the beta-testers who make significant contributions in making the platform better.

get started now

The beta tester will sign a simple non-disclosure agreement with us. After successful completion of the testing, the beta testers will get to keep the router ($99) and will get lifetime access to all the premium features of the Rezrv App, which has a value upwards of $60/year. They will also be first in line for testing the succeeding generation of the products.

After taking your concurrence, we will feature you on our Rezrv Hall of Fame page- for people who made a significant contribution in maturing the product and will include your name in the Easter Egg that we will embed in the app.

The Exciting Next-Generation Product you would be testing

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