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Focused on improving Business Efficiencies and ROIs by Creating an Innovative and Intelligent IoT Ecosystem Powered with Seamless Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that is changing the way we live and work and is already touching every consumer and industrial application. The core technologies enabling IoT are wireless communication and sensor developments, and ongoing advances in these technologies result in unique challenges.

These challenges include evolving communications standards, increased sensor integrations and power consumption management and to make them work seamlessly and efficiently. Tantiv4's IoT platform is bridging this gap in the industry with a leading ThingaOS IoT Edge and Cloud SaaS Platform to enhance the growth of connected devices for the Internet of Things.

Tantiv4 is a rapidly growing US based IoT company, with an ever-increasing footprint. We are headquartered in Milpitas, California with technical support and Core R&D development offices in Chennai & Bangalore, India. We also have sales support offices scattered across Asia including Taipei, Japan, Singapore and Shenzhen.


At Tantiv 4, we are focused on customized  smart, efficient, and result-driven IoT technology-based solutions. When integrated into their business landscape or applied to their product range, these IoT technology-based solutions can help create a connected ecosystem powered with seamless automation thereby resulting in improved business efficiencies, connectivity and returns on investments.

About TOS

To deliver what we promise, we leverage on our 20 years of experience in embedded software, networking, wireless and security. This experience in combination with our strategic alliances with leading eco-system providers and deep understanding of IoT eco-system issues, opportunities and execution in business set-up enables our team to provide SMEs with smart, value-adding and next-generation solutions for better connectivity and improved efficiencies.

We strive to bring IoT devices across ecosystems like Apple, Amazon and Google with superior features such as voice capability and blockchain to OEM products for enabling enterprise applications like property management, smart living and security applications.

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To develop unique and revolutionary IoT technology and application optimized solutions that add value, improve connectivity and result in increased profit margins for businesses

Value Proposition

We bring forth some value-driven propositions that are bound to deliver big returns on investments, especially being first in the industry. These include:

Easy to Setup

The world’s first water leak detector that has a 10-year battery life and supports real-time notifications with the ability to power off main the waterline if more than 1/8 inch of water is detected on the floor within a 300ft range


Patented and designed the world’s first real-time virtualized OS for seamless eco-system control

Besides that, we implemented the Apple Home Kit Implementation on QCA4020/QCA4010 (Integrated RF solution). We were the first to implement the latest ADK from Apple and take it through certification. We’ve also completed a project from Google on their IOT cloud on QCA4020 Platform; implemented Voice capability and skills on Amazon and Google that works with Siri as part of Home kit. And are also kick-starters to create a button-based system for customizable applications. We have co-developed products across 50 top CE brands and have shipped millions of solutions into the WW market.

Recent Award

We take pride in winning Thread Group’s Q2 2018 Innovation Enabler Program Award.

Meet Our Team

Tantiv4 is the brain-child of Lokesh and Kishore. We are a team of like-minded people who share the same values, passion and drive to create revolutionary Smart solutions that help your business stay on top of the game and abreast with fast-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Lokesh Johri

Lokesh Johri

Co-Founder & CEO

Lokesh is passionate about tennis and hiking and has a nerdy need to write code every day. He has the masters degree in business and CS and has an undergrad degree from IITB. His childhood obsession with “tinkering” has finally found expression in his expertise in the entire technology stack of Internet of Things.

Kishore Moturi

Kishore Moturi

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Kishore’s passion for thrills is what drives him to excel– be it bringing cool innovative Smart Technology to everyday life or tinkering fast motorcycles and cars. Kishore holds 20+ years of International experience in Sales and Marketing where he has created strategic partnerships and nurtured several Fortune 500 customer relationships for SMSC, InvenSense, Broadcom, Genesis.

Swaroop Adusumilli

Swaroop Adusumilli

Co- Founder & VP Engineering

Swaroop embraces challenges and love to tackle them in his own unique way. Apart from double MS and Btech in ECE to his credit, Swaroop holds over 28 years of industry experience in pioneer organizations like SMSC. He is primarily responsible for complete operations, technical research and supply-chain management of Tantiv4 product lines.