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Industry Challenges

Business today is very competitive, and it’s a tight rope walk for the manufacturers to control the Product costing. Utilities, especially power costs, have an essential role after the raw material cost. So successful businesses have to benchmark their Utility cost with world manufacturing standards without compromising the quality.

High Utility Cost than Competition

There are benchmarks set for the Utilities consumption per unit of Production, one has to improve continuously on these benchmarks to remain competitive in the market and improve their bottom line.

Low Operational Efficiency

One must maintain tight plant operations with minimal resources, whether human resources or capital investment.

The High Initial Cost of Tools

Low budget maintenance demands low-cost tools. One should not feel the burden of investment made in the maintenance tools.

Often Plant managers try to solve these problems either by costly power monitoring tools that have less Return on Investment or conducting an expert audit that is effective during a short period.


So, what can you do that is effective, efficient and yet, inexpensive?

To achieve this world competitive benchmarks, you need to monitor your power tightly and take timely action on the issues using state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) such as:

  • Getting  Actionable Insights  help prevent escalation of costs due to  power penalties, untimely and high-cost maintenance.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence based technology allows you to supplement domain experts and provide better all-time 'Situational Awareness.'
  • Adding Power Harmonics and performing Machine Language-based Analytics to the traditional CBM approach for easy-to-understand visualization leads to effective plant operations.
Alert Repair Needed

But whether it will give me a Return on Investment?

Use SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which gives you Guaranteed cost savings to improve your bottom line.

Here customer need to pay monthly rental charges for the system. The hardware supplied will be maintained by the vendor with replacement gurantee in case of fault.

Here there is no question of ROI as you will monitor your power consumption against the rent you are paying, in case you are not getting benefits, you may even return the device to vendor.

So, what solution Tantiv4 can provide?

Tantiv4 has deeply studied these pain point and introduced a powerful Power Analytics solution called

Tantiv4 Midas

MiDAS accurately tracks power parameters and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Language (ML) based techniques to reveal power consumption issues. It allows you to effectively reduce your power bills, increase your equipment life, and improve plant maintenance practices.

It is a comprehensive package from measurement, ML-based edge analytics, cloud communication, and AI-based Power Analytics with attractive SaaS pricing.

How MiDAS can help?

Excellent Visualization Tools using innovative components to monitor power consumption, reduce penalties, monitor deviation against benchmarks.

 Harmonic Analysis of Power  is a key in understanding the exact problem for potentially Power-hungry assets.

 Multi-user Secured Access  to manage plant operations related to Power based on their roles.

  Role-based Prescriptive Analytics to take actions on reduced Power Factor, load unbalancing between phases, higher harmonics and distortion.

  SaaS Costing Model Pay once you start getting benefits. No initial cost, since a SaaS model means you are not buying a physical product instead of a software-based service.

What is Unique About MiDAS?

Zero-Risk, Zero-Cost RolloutWhich means there is no initial fixed cost. Pay for the service and not the hardware, software, or repairs.

Natural Language Interfaces allow your engineers to ask analytic questions directly with help from bots.

Machine Language with Immense Simplicity allowing maintenance engineers to take direct action on problematic assets.


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