Harmonic Measurement in Power System

Harmonic Measurement in Power System

Energy or power is at the core of all manufacturing businesses. They need large quantities to power and run their production, machines, lighting, HVAC, and more. The high power consumption results in energy bills being a substantial expense for any business or manufacturer.

It is a major expense, and power costs are quite high, regardless of the manufacturer's size, field, or industry. If they can save on their energy expenses, it can be highly beneficial to improve their bottom line and grow their profit margins and revenue.

Even small savings in power consumption can lead to big profits in revenue because of the scale at which most manufacturers work. These days, achieving energy efficiency is one of the most important things for industries because it can be incredibly profitable for them.

Here, the harmonic measurement abilities of a condition-based preventive maintenance software like MiDAS from Tantiv4 can help.


Harmonic Measurement in Power System

If you haven't heard of harmonics, allow us to explain. Harmonics are electric currents and voltages of an electric power system that can create power efficiency and quality problems.

Harmonic distortions are a big concern for any manufacturer and industry since a high level of harmonic currents or voltage can cause machines and equipment to malfunction. Furthermore, even low-level harmonics can lead to poor energy efficiency and rising power consumption and bills.

Harmonics are created by electronic equipment or machinery with nonlinear loads drawing current in short, abrupt pulses. These pulses result in distorted current waveforms that subsequently cause harmonic currents to flow back into other parts of the power system.

Using harmonic measurement in power systems, we can perform a detailed analysis of power quality and efficiency, detect and determine harmonics, take corrective actions, reduce power bills, and improve equipment and machine life.

The unique approach by Tantiv4 MiDAS performs these tasks and achieves these objectives. It is bringing new ways to study machines and give suggestions with the help of Multimodal Harmonics.


The MiDAS Approach

By using Harmonics as a keystone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interface Engine at the 'Edge,' MiDAS can detect and act on the anomalies in sub-second.

Every piece of equipment, device, or machinery has its harmonic signature, and with the use of technologies like AI and Machine Learning (ML), MiDAS can study these signatures and help in preventive maintenance, reducing the total cost of operations and saving valuable power.

MiDAS can accomplish these goals by monitoring key parameters like power consumption and power factor of inductive loads. Monitoring these metrics allows you to take corrective action against low Power Factor and avoid penalties. You can even improve machine maintenance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce power bills.



Harmonic measurements in power systems are important because they help achieve energy efficiency, reduce power bills, and prolong equipment and machine life.

However, when it comes to manufacturers and their plants or factories, energy efficiency isn't always easy to achieve. The need for monitoring, assessing, and analyzing harmonic is important, and this is where MiDAS can be beneficial.

If you want to learn more about harmonic measurement in power systems or about the condition-based preventive maintenance software, MiDAS from Tantiv4, please visit our website today.

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