How MIDAS helps you in implementing ISO 50001?

How MIDAS helps you in implementing ISO 50001?

As the energy audits are becoming more stricter, it is a daunting task for Energy Managers to comply with ISO 50001 Standard.


Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy

Audit the plant for all the utilities to ascertain energy consumption across different sections such as Motors, Fans, Compressors, HVAC system based on your load patterns, rated power consumption.


Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy

Benchmark the utility consumption for the plant to establish the baselines of Power consumption, for many items you can also decide a Specific Power Consumption for example compressors, you can measure a Air flow and decide on Power consumption per CFM of Compressed Air produced and always look for the deviation./p>


Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use

Specific Power Consumption, Power Factor, Maximum Demand, Energy Factor for the equipment. This will help you in making the key maintenance decisions.


Measure the results

Monitor the utilities for consumptions on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis.
Track these results and compare it with industry benchmarks, this will tell you whether your equipment is operating at the optimum level of energy efficiency


Review how well the policy works

Monitor the savings Weekly, monthly, yearly

Continually improve Energy Management...



MIDAS will help you in achieving the ISO 50001 compliance in every step using features like:

  • Crisp reporting of faults
  • Diagnostics
  • Adaptive benchmarking,
  • Role based Notifications
  • Power and Energy consumption patterns
  • Harmonic analysis of any malfunctions, anomalies


This is how you can implement maintenance strategies of future in your plant.

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