Why an Energy Management System Is Important for Your Business

Why an Energy Management System Is Important for Your Business

Decreasing the amount of energy your manufacturing business consumes and wastes is important to reduce costs and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Therefore, an energy management system and strategy are crucial to your business's future. A robust and comprehensive power management system like MiDAS from Tantiv4 can help your business identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and take appropriate action.

Let's learn why this is important and how it can help.


Why an Energy Management System Is Important for Your Business

Advanced power management with MiDAS can help your manufacturing business save money from HVAC systems, ventilation, maintenance, and more.

  • Improves Your Power Factor
  • MiDAS can help you monitor and identify low power factors to work towards improvement, reducing costly energy waste.
  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • With lower waste, you spend less on energy and save money on operating costs.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Such a comprehensive power management system allows you to use energy more efficiently. You can create energy goals for each department and achieve long-term efficiency and savings.
  • Gives Actionable Insights
  • MiDAS offers invaluable data and actionable insights to identify and strategically manage high-energy operations.
  • Targets Problem Areas
  • You can use these insights to identify and target problem areas that result in inefficiency, downtime, and risks.
  • Tracks Progress
  • You can comprehensively monitor energy consumption and continue to track the progress of your actions and operations.
  • Improves Power Management
  • Historical data collected by MiDAS and its data analytics can allow you to continually improve energy consumption and efficiency over time by updating your strategies.
  • Compares Against Industry Benchmarks
  • MiDAS also allows you to compare against industry benchmarks, so you know exactly how efficient your equipment and operations are.
  • Saves Money and the Planet
  • The reduction in energy waste and consumption allows you to save money and improve your business's carbon footprint. Your business can become "greener", and you can use this to market yourself as more sustainable than your competitors, further improving your bottom line.
  • Gives More Control with Comprehensive Solutions
  • A smart energy management system like MiDAS ensures central control and more convenient and comprehensive energy management solutions for your business. It makes things far simpler and more efficient.
  • Offers Convenient Automation and Notification
  • MiDAS allows convenient automation of certain repetitive tasks and notifies the relevant person or team regarding changes in your energy consumption.
  • Improves Staff Productivity
  • Your staff improves their productivity when they have fewer things to worry about. With continuous monitoring and notification alerts, they have more time and energy to focus on other important tasks.
  • Allows Predictive Maintenance
  • Through harmonics and artificial intelligence, MiDAS allows you to implement predictive maintenance of your equipment, which is more efficient than proactive or time-based maintenance. It saves you time, money, and resources on maintenance efforts while ensuring your business does not experience downtime from equipment failure.
  • Saves Costs with SaaS Model
  • Tantiv4 offers MiDAS in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means your power management system is installed, maintained, and updated without costs to your business.

Any unlikely software or hardware failure of the energy management system is maintained, repaired, and replaced by Tantiv4 at no extra costs. You only pay for the service this type of comprehensive and smart power management provides your business.



Having a smart energy management system like MiDAS is important for your manufacturing business for the mentioned reasons and many more, which we can discuss another time. For now, if you want to take advantage of these benefits or if you want to learn more about MiDAS from Tantiv4, please visit MiDAS today.

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