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REZRV is a software designed for existing and new enterprise and home routers that give the office IT manager or the home user the ability to monitor and manages the network needs.

REZRV is a patented technology that applies bandwidth management policies by measuring and controlling all communication (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the bandwidth to capacity, thereby eliminating congestion and poor performance of the network. The policies are configurable for needs as defined by the customer requirement. REZRV policies can be managed from the cloud, allowing dynamic updates for changing business needs.

REZRV Provides a Great Solution to a Novel Problem

Some of the Primary Features that REZRV Offers Include

  • Enhanced Video Streaming Experience over Wi-Fi

    Stream high definition videos smoothly without lagging

  • AI & ML Based Bandwidth Management

    Dynamic management of bandwidth allocation based on user preferences

  • Steady Reliable Connectivity for IoT Devices

    Maintain a continuous, stable connection

  • Improved Wi-Fi Signal at Distance

    Regardless of distance from router, manage bandwidth allocation to devices based on priority

  • Reduced Packet Jitter while Streaming

    Smooth streaming experience by managing network congestion

Real Time Download/Upload Rates

Monitor the download and upload rates of various applications on a Real time basis.

Full Traffic Control

Internet Traffic Monitoring

See the total Upload and Download data consumed by various applications over different time periods.

Internet Traffic Monitoring

Connection Blocker

Using this simple and also interactive system of rules you will be allowed to specify which applications can connect to internet and under which conditions.

Connection Blocker


Monitor the data consumed by each of the devices in the network. You can also see which applications have consumed bulk of the data in each of the devices connected.


Everything at a Glance: REZRV Dashboard

How REZRV Works

REZRV automatically classifies flows into utility-based categories

1 Classifier

REZRV automatically classifies flows into utility-based categories

Maximizes application utilities and accounts for device types, link rates for proper allocation

2 Optimizer

Maximizes application utilities and accounts for device types, link rates for proper allocation

Manages Airtime use by Applications based on bandwidth allocation needs

3 Scheduler

Manages Airtime use by Applications based on bandwidth allocation needs

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Internet Traffic Management

Manage applications from clogging the internet, ensures internet availability for critical and preferred applications.

Application Blocker

Block selected applications as required - Ideal parental control tool.

Priority Settings

Prioritize user-preferred applications for uninterrupted internet access.

Internet Limiter

Limit total data usage for applications based on user requirements.
Limit real time bandwidth usage for applications.

Internet Speed Manager

Manages maximum and minimum internet speed settings for applications.

Application Manager

Manage maximum and minimum internet bandwidth allocation to a device (IP) or an application using REZRV.


Internet usage statistics including connection history such as usage of internet bandwidth and time used for each application, devices used etc.


Application Scheduler

Automatically apply predefined rules based on requirements using customizable User Modes.
Allows scheduling multiple policies for preferred applications.
eg: scheduling Office mode for prioritizing Work related applications


Personalized Individual Settings

Easy to use Predefined settings, users can further customize to individual requirements
e.g: priority between applications or adjustment of allocated bandwidth between applications


Remote Administration

Remotely manage the router and devices connected to it. Allows for software upgrades and policy management for preferred applications.


User Permissions

Specify and categorize different settings for Admin, parent and child users.


Internet Traffic Chart

Visual display of data transfer speeds for connected devices and applications.


Information Tool

Display relevant information about selected devices or applications with pertinent usage data


Policy Editor

Dynamically customize policies based on user requirements using REZRV.
Allow users to create custom rules for preferred applications based on various parameters.


REZRV History

Display usage analytics based on bandwidth usage and online time for visited sites per device and application



Displays in real time all active connections per device and application with connection information including Upload/Download bandwidth speeds, source and destination IP addresses, port no.s, etc.


Mobile App Support (IOS and Android)

Enable user policies, customize features through an app with detailed visual analytics


*Effective price of $1.99/mo based on an annual subscription

Download App For Easy Functional Controls & Reports

managing your internet by rezrv managing your internet by rezrv

Who Can Use REZRV

REZRV can be easily integrated with home and enterprise routers to provide advanced features and capabilities for several applications. In addition, most pre-existing routers can also be upgraded to leverage REZRV capabilities like live streaming sports making it a truly versatile solution to manage bandwidth allocation for school or office applications in real time.

Works with Alexa and Google Home

Works with
Alexa and Google Home

REZRV comes integrated with widely used voice interfaces such as Alexa and Google Voice make it highly appealing for home use to voice enable parental control features encouraging or ensure your home conference call happens goes smoothly.

For Commercial Licensing & Information

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