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What Tantiv4?
The only true Service-Oriented-Architecture with loosely coupled elements in the IoT space which helps build a cost-effective bespoke differentiated software SaaS solution.
But, there are so many IOT-Clouds there?
Yes- but none of them provide true off-the-shelf ready-to deploy SaaS solutions, they all work at the Infrastructure level with a one-size-fits-all approach. They tend to tie you to their entire stack and are fundamentally not based on the SOA architecture.
What is Thinga-Cloud?
It is a collection of s/w IP and s/w stacks deployed in a scalable secure secure server environment in several geographies.
Is it tied to Google, Amazon or Azure Clouds?
Tantiv4 owns the entire IOT software stack which can be instantiated with any major IaaS/PaaS vendor.
Can Thinga-Cloud be on-prem?
Tantiv4 can support an on-prem edge based solution with all the features listed for Thinga-Cloud.
How secure is the Thinga-Cloud solution?
All access to Thinga-Cloud is secured by TLS 1.3 based tunnel. Tantiv4 infrastructure supports the distribution of private-keys to the leaf nodes attached to the network. The access to the main App server is secured through an API Gateway where a policy-based security framework can be applied. On the cloud, access can be OAuth2 based or through a client-key.  Security is very important to Tantiv4 and there are several other policy measures in place to ensure it.
On a production deployment do customers own the server?
Things-Cloud offers both the models- we provide “tenancy based” infrastructure and bespoke servers.
How much sensor data can be handled?
Tantiv4 uses Cassandra and MongoDB at the back-end and so storing and retrieving Terabytes or Petabytes of sensor data is not daunting for us.
What value added services do you provide on top of the basic network and Security stacks?
Tantiv4 has built AI/ML engine, a Blockchain engine, Rules Engine, Chatbot support etc. on top of the basic stack to provide enhanced value to the customers.
Do you provide Voice Enablement?
Tantiv4 supports all the major smart speakers including  Amazon and Google.
Do you provide API level access to the system?
Tantiv4 believes in keeping the IOT system open and allow you to access the server through a secure API. We do not force Tantiv4 customers to go through Tantiv4 UX.
What is Thinga-Edge?
It is a Edge based software stack which can sync with the Thinga-Cloud in a policy-based manner- thus allowing customization of solution for specific privacy and security needs. Also, it provides an order of magnitude faster routing of IoT messages.
How is Thinga-Edge different from Thinga-Cloud?
Aside from the obvious difference of where it is located, Things-Edge provides a large subset of features available on Thinga-Cloud.
What is Thinga-Embedded?
It is a small footprint embedded agent on the customer device to maintain secure cloud connection, and also enables pushing of messages from cloud to the device in an asynchronous manner.
What is the size of the binary?
It can vary from fewer than 10s of Kb to 100s of Kb based on the feature selection.
What are the common protocols Thinga OS will support?
Thinga OS supports multiple wired & wireless connection protocols and standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Z-Wave, and Zig-Bee etc. Thinga OS an independent and have an ability to connect through some these standard protocols.
Is storing the private key/id in hardware an option?
Yes, the private key/id can be stored in hardware.
Does Thinga and other devices supports OTA upgrade?
Yes,It will support OTA upgrade.
Is there any annual charge for tantiv4 apps?
No ,there is no separate charge for apps.

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