Simplify Your Life and Business with IoT Applications – Discussing ThingaOS

Simplify Your Life and Business with IoT Applications – Discussing ThingaOS

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: it is the ability to control almost all items in your house, from electric switches to window shades – all from the comforts of your smartphone. Imagine not having to get up from your bed every time you need to flick the light switch on. You can simply whip out your phone to turn the lights on, or better yet, give voice commands to do the heavy lifting for you.

Like homeowners, businesses are also big on IoT devices. It makes life easy for managers and employees alike. For managers, they can more effectively supervise how their machines are being operated, whether safety protocols are being followed, and if workers are following instructions. For employees, it’s easy to monitor and control assembly lines using sensors without ever going near dangerous equipment.

The only problem, of course, is the fact that it gets difficult to control the hundreds of IoT devices, each manufactured from different vendors following their own protocols. Unless you’re on a unified platform like the ThingaOS platform, it can be a hair-raising ordeal to keep tabs on all of these devices at the same time.

Without a unified platform, users have to use different apps to control and manage various devices. This can quickly get tiresome and slows down productivity if you’re dealing with dozens of devices simultaneously.

Realizing this problem, Google, Amazon, and Apple decided to unify their IoT ecosystems into following a single protocol managed by Zigbee Alliance. The goal is to make micromanagement of IoT devices easier for both homeowners and business users alike.


Tantiv4: Addressing IoT Needs from Day One

Tantiv4’s Connected Home Controller, powered by their proprietary ThingaOS platform, has been working on the exact same principle from the very first day. We use Z-wave protocol to control, secure, and reliably use smart devices in the same network, irrespective of their vendor or category. The Connected Home Controller makes it possible to control bulbs, sensors, smart locks, smart switches, and more from the comforts of a single app powered by the ThingaOS platform.


Example Case Scenarios

Beyond home automation, our IoT platform can be used to power a range of industries, from precision farming to predictive maintenance. Let’s take predictive maintenance as an example. It can be used in manufacturing, building management, oil and gas, and so on.

Imagine a typical office routine of an employee who commutes to his smart office. It’s dark after 10 PM, and the smart building detects his car approaching the gates. This promptly turns on the street lights, illuminating his dark surroundings. When he reaches the door, the facial recognition sensor recognizes the employee, promptly unlocking the door for him to enter.

As he walks all the way up to his office, the smart lighting system responds to his presence and illuminates his surroundings. Meanwhile, the HVAC system adjusts the climate of the room based on the employee’s personal preferences.

As dawn approaches, the built-in sensors lower the window blinds and turn off indoor lighting (or find a suitable mix of artificial and natural light). When the employee exits the building, the HVAC systems automatically turn off. This effectively reduces the energy footprint while minimizing operational costs.

But that’s not all, the employee can control all these sensors thanks to the ThingaOS platform. A convenient dashboard shares all the data generated within the company borders for all administrators to see.

This is just one case scenario, the uses of IoT applications are virtually unlimited. To learn more about them, click here.

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