ThingaOS to the Rescue: Now There Is No Need to Worry About Water Damage!

ThingaOS to the Rescue: Now There Is No Need to Worry About Water Damage!

The ThingaOS (Smart IoT Platform) is in the process of revolutionizing the way we live our daily lives. The IoT has proved to be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to protecting precious assets, either as a homeowner or as a property manager.

If you are a property owner, you are bound to have faced the nuisance of leaking valves and pipes that can potentially cause massive flooding. This holds particularly true for multiple commercial buildings owned by the same company. However, thanks to DetectIT powered by ThingaOS™ the ‘Internet of Things’ will help you in really unexpected ways.


For instance, if you were to equip your numerous properties with IoT sensors, it will be effortless for you to detect water leaks. These sensors will immediately notify you about the problem so that you can rush to the premises or get someone else to do the needful.

The IoT will also communicate with the main shut off valve as well as all the ancillary pipes to stop the water supply to the flooded area and leaking tap. This way, you will be able to save your valuable carpets, walls, and flooring while keeping the premises safe and comfortable for future tenants.

Water Leak Image

The Internet of Things also helps homeowners safeguard their property against flooding. Suppose you have to go on a vacation and even though you carried out a last-minute check of all the various electrical appliances as well as taps and valves, you fail to discover the pipe that is leaking. Under such circumstances, you might have to face a monumental catastrophe in case the leaky pipe breaks entirely because of the water pressure. If you live in an apartment building, the problem can be much worse, since the water will drip down to the apartment immediately below yours. Not only will you have to pay for all the damage done to your own home, but you will almost certainly have to pay for extensive repairs to the walls and the furnishings of your neighbors.

Apart from the above, there is also the pressing issue of the water getting into the foundation of the house. If that happens, the structural integrity of the whole building will be compromised. However, using the IoT to protect your home in your absence can effectively ensure that these scenarios never come to pass.


In light of the above, we can easily see that the ThingaOS is a must-have application if you want to want to prevent water damage to your multiple properties.

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