DetectITSmart IoT Water Sensor Leak Detector

How it Works

The DetectIT-WL leak detection system uses built-in water / liquid sensors for house leak detection or to detect water leaks at your commercial business. A simple setup places the device above the water level, where it constantly monitors activity and changes.

With multiple sensors to detect water level, temperature, humidity, and other such details, the device can accurately detect any water leak that may occur. Once a leak is detected, the device wakes up and notifies the users through its cloud-based system.

The cloud system can then use multiple channels, such as SMS, call, or email, to immediately notify the users of a leak. The beauty of this leak detection system is that its multiple water leak sensors also measure ambient temperature and humidity to send you readings through its cloud system.

You can easily configure your notification preferences of SMS, phone call, or email in the Application, which is available for iOS and Android devices.


This device has a long battery life (lasting up to 10 years in normal use circumstances). DetectIT stops leaks from causing severe damage and hence saves several thousand of dollars to insurance companies and facility owners.

Core Specifications

  • RF Communication
  • Smart DetectIT App
  • 1000 Ft. Wireless Range
  • 10 Years Battery life

RF Communications

RF Communications

This device has a long battery life (lasting up to 10 years in normal use circumstances). DetectIT stops leaks from causing severe damage and hence saves several thousand of dollars to insurance companies and facility owners.

Smart DetectIT App

Our Smart Application is extremely user-friendly and provides you with all the core information you need regarding your water system, including ambient temperature, humidity, leak detection, and more. It is also easy to access through web browsers and iOS and Android devices.

1000 Ft. Wireless Range

We understand that not all water systems are housed close to the home, office, or control room. Hence, the DetectIT-WL has a 1000 ft. wireless range to access the cloud and other IoT and mobile devices you set up.

10-Year Battery Life

The device is battery operated for convenience and has a long battery life of up to 10 years (with normal usage). Therefore, you won't have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries for a very long time after the initial setup is complete.

Multi-Channel, Multi-User Notifications

Our water leak detection system caters to all types of customers since it lets you choose the channels and users you want to notify when it detects a water leak. Depending on your personal preferences, you and your managers can be notified through phone calls, SMS, email, or all three.

Easy Setup

Our water leakage detector machine is easy to set up and does not require much time or effort.


The small and compact design of the DetectIT-WL means that it is immensely portable, and you can easily transport or move it around.

Floats on Water

Our unique device is the first of its kind because it floats on water, unlike other leak detection systems that require wiring, separate sensors, and other hassles. This feature makes it easy to set up, use, and transport while remaining highly effective.

A Large Number of Sensors

Our device supports a very large number of sensors (up to 128). It includes essential sensors such as wide-range temperature and humidity sensors (-40C to 125C).

Predictive Maintenance

The DetectIT-WL water leak detector offers predictive maintenance for the water system of your home or business through signaling via a low-battery, real-time status indicator.

Secure Software Updates

The device and its App supports secure software updates Over The Air (OTA), which means you won't have to search for firmware or security patches. They will automatically come to you as we release them.

6 Ft. Extended Probe

The DetectIT-WL leak detection system comes included with a 6 ft. extended probe, which is great for the hard-to-reach places of your water system.


  • Battery Operated (10 year life)
  • Sends multiple simultaneous notifications via email, text and phone call
  • Easy setup process, portable, small & compact
  • Floats on water. This is unique in the market
  • Supports large number of sensors (128)
  • Easy web & mobile (iOS and Android) interface
  • Predictive Maintenance signal via low battery and real-time status indicator
  • Supports secure software update (Over The Air (OTA))
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor included (-40oC to 125oC)
  • 6 ft extended probe for hard to reach places included
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