Operate ThingaOS on all popular ecosystems including Amazon, Google and Apple

ThingaOS™ operates on all popular ecosystems including Amazon, Google and Apple, while supporting their respective voice interfaces. Integrating several devices and ecosystems also eliminates the need for the user to operate several device related apps.

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How it Works

ThingaOS™ will detect all the compatible smart devices in the network and populate it in the phone app and web interface. This operation is independent of the protocols the smart devices support. User can control all the smart devices from a single interface and also set rules and automations for the devices to work with each other.

Users can also use Siri, Alexa and Google Voice services to control the devices. Devices can be controlled from within the home network OR via cloud from anywhere.

Know How ThingaOS Works

Protocols Supported

  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Zwave
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee
  • Thread 6LoWPAN

Why ThingaOS™

  • Support for Multiple ecosystems
  • Enterprise intergrated automation
  • Integration with Google Home
  • Solutions for smart connected assets
  • Secured cloud based data
  • Integration with Apple Home Kit
  • Protocol agnostic integration
  • Advance analytics engine
  • Easy to add new devices any time
  • Block chain technology enabled
  • Integration with Amazon Skills
  • Maintenance and diagnostics capable

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Control devices from within the home network or via cloud from anywhere.

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