Benefits of Automated Smart Homes

Benefits of Automated Smart Homes

Our technological progress in the past two decades has been nothing short of exemplary. What previously required at least 3-4 different devices can now be compiled into a single object called the smartphone. However, that’s not the only area of improvement.

Another drastic change in our routines has come from automated smart homes that are becoming increasingly common nowadays owing to people’s busy lives.


What are Automated Smart Homes?

A smart home is a house where several systems like energy distribution, water consumption, appliances, security systems, etc., are electronically linked and controlled. The home automation part allows the homeowner to set specific repeat routines within the system which need to be performed at the designated timings.

Therefore, an automated smart home is a technologically advanced house that’s electronically connected, can be controlled remotely and runs automatically on predefined rules or commands.


Benefits of Smart Homes

There are several advantages of home automation, but the most prominent ones are mentioned below.

  • Optimizes Energy Utilization
    The home automation system can determine the most efficient method of power distribution and switch to it to conserve energy. This feature allows it to optimize energy utilization which is ultimately cost-efficient and eco-friendly.
    Tantiv4’s Shield Management-powered automated smart homes also have a sensitive detection system that can trace and report the damage in the electrical systems. The quick detection allows early resolution, saving you from energy wastage and higher damage repair costs.

  • Maximizes Security
    Home security usually involves security systems that have certain limitations due to their base structure. However, aligning your security system with home automation enhances the security by sending alerts about possible breaches directly to the user’s smartphone and possibly law enforcement if it is set up to do so.
    This feature is important because it helps people monitor their homes remotely and take necessary action when needed.

  • Enhances Smoke/Fire Detection and Management
    Another reason why automated smart homes are more secure is the enhanced smoke/fire detection and the targeted alarms on smartphones. Such alerts have a higher chance of being noticed on time, helping homeowners run to safety.
    The system also alerts relevant authorities, so the fire-damaged is kept to a minimum.

  • Improves Water Consumption Management
    One of the best advantages of home automation is water consumption management, which Tantiv4’s Shield Management excels at. Water leaks often go unnoticed for long enough to cause water damage to the house and exaggerate the water bills.
    Tantiv4’s Shield Management has premium sensors that detect leaks at their earliest stages, automatically shut off the relevant valve, and alert the homeowner.


In a Nutshell

Overall, automated smart homes are incredibly convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly options due to their optimization of resource utilization. Furthermore, Tantiv4’s home automation and management tools have a range of benefits in addition to the ones mentioned above.

If you want to find out more about Shield management and home automation, please contact us through this link. We look forward to receiving your queries, and our teams will get back to you as soon as possible.

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