Industrial Energy Efficiency Management Challenges (and The Solution)

Industrial Energy Efficiency Management Challenges (and The Solution)

Today's competitive markets are pushing businesses and manufacturers to seek energy-efficient solutions that can help them reduce their power consumption costs. This is primarily because of the ever-increasing energy costs and the environmental costs of inefficient energy use.
However, industrial energy efficiency management has unique challenges that aren't easy to overcome. Today, we will discuss these challenges and provide a comprehensive power analytics solution in the form of MiDAS from Tantiv4.


Industrial Energy Efficiency Management Challenges (and the Solution)

To better understand the scope of industrial energy efficiency management, let's dive into some key energy efficiency challenges.


Energy Efficiency Challenges

There are three main energy efficiency challenges that businesses and manufacturers face today.

  • Higher Utility Costs
  • Not only are energy costs increasing globally, but there is a competitive aspect to utility costs as well. There are industrial benchmarks set for the utility consumption per unit of production. These benchmarks are an easy way to measure the utility costs of production.
    Businesses and manufacturers have to improve on these benchmarks continuously to improve their bottom line and remain competitive in the market.
  • Low Operational Efficiency
  • Whether it is human resources or capital investments, businesses and manufacturers find it difficult to maintain tight plant operations with minimal use of resources. Therefore, this results in low operational efficiency and negatively affects your energy efficiency and costs.
  • High Initial Cost of Solutions
  • Most energy efficiency solutions require a lot of initial investment, which is not possible for many businesses and manufacturers. This burden of investment in hardware, software, and maintenance of solutions is a major energy efficiency challenge today.
    The competitive nature of modern business, low operational efficiency, and high cost of solutions make it very difficult for manufacturers to control product costing. After raw materials, utility costs, especially power costs, are the main culprit, which is why energy efficiency is so important.
    Businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive in the markets must benchmark their power consumption with world manufacturing standards while maintaining quality. So, how can they do this efficiently and cost-effectively?


The Solution - MiDAS from Tantiv4

MiDAS from Tantiv4 is the best solution to all the mentioned energy efficiency challenges. It helps businesses and manufacturers achieve world benchmarks by tightly monitoring power consumption, taking timely actions, and reporting actionable insights.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, MiDAS can:

  • Deliver actionable insights to avoid high power consumption, power penalties, and high maintenance costs.
  • Provide better all-time "situational awareness" using AI technology to supplement domain experts.
  • Offer effective plant operations through easy-to-understand visualization and reporting, made possible by adding power harmonics and power analytics to the traditional CBM approach.

Unlike other energy efficiency solutions, MiDAS uses a SaaS (Software as a Solution) model that guarantees cost savings. You won't have to pay for the initial hardware, software, or maintenance. Instead, you only pay for MiDAS's services.



With so many cost and energy efficiency benefits, MiDAS provides a comprehensive power analytics solution to all the energy efficiency challenges businesses and manufacturers face.
Backed by AI and ML technologies, you get power consumption monitoring, actionable data and insights, and the ability to implement superior energy efficiency in a low-cost manner without compromising on quality.
MiDAS from Tantiv4 can help you meet and exceed world benchmarks in no time. We highly recommend that you request a demo for MiDAS today!

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