AI & ML Powered Unique Power
Analytics Solution for IIoT 4.0

Benefits and Features

Each industry is deriving ways to bring to the market the best products at the lowest prices, without compromising on the standards. In this scenario, it is imperative to manufacture the same, or better, products at lower prices. Techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help in giving following benefits

Saving Power Consumption

Monitoring power consumption

  1. Crisp reporting in terms of graphical patterns.
  2. Notifications on high power consumption.
  3. Compare with world benchmarks and action on deviation.

controlling Maximum Demand

MiDAS will send you notifications on higher power consumption trends hour by hour and also intimate you on higher MD every time based on your billing cycle and will ask you to do load management.

controlling Power Factor

MiDAS is monitoring the Power factor and will send you notifications on Lower Power factor and will ask you to adjust your capacitor banks by suggesting right value of capacitor.

Improving the Operational Efficiency

Generating Actionable reports using MiDAS’s Natural Language Interface

Using Bots ask MiDAS the exact data you needed or tell your problem, MiDAS will generate the right report for you to take the right action of your issues using its Artificial Intelligence based engine.

Better organise your workplace

You can divide your MiDAS installations in Plants, Departments and Asset, so that you can take action either at plant level such as monitoring the Plant Power Factor and Maximum Demand, Right distribution of loads using Phasor Diagram etc.

Using Machine Language (ML) to Replace the Expert Auditor

Supply side harmonics which affect the inductive loads and degrade its performance. Many times, these inductive loads themselves generate this noise due to wear and tear of bearings, mechanical damages etc. Often you hire an expert who can understands these harmonics and suggest maintenance actions for your equipment. User can check on the level of harmonics and can take a corrective action using AI and ML based MiDAS’s data analytics.

By monitoring faults on Demand side

MiDAS is sending the notifications on

  • Supply voltage dips, swells, disruptions
  • Frequency variations
  • Supply voltage unbalance
  • Under deviation or over deviation in supply voltage
  • High value of Distortion

Generating value

Generating value from your people

MiDAS will give you role-based reports where the person will get actionable insight and what task he has to do at his level. These actions are explained in Natural language and high-level reports can give you the insight on future actions required to take in plant maintenance.

By saving on Capital Expenditure

MiDAS’s SaaS based pricing will save you from investing big in the initial cost of Power Management Saving tool. In case you feel that you can not generate the value from the MiDAS, our O&M expert will help you by auditing your use cases and will suggest you do the changes in your maintenance planning and in applying best practices in plant maintenance.

MiDAS Service - Feature Highlight

MIDAS Service - Feature Highlight MIDAS Service - Feature Highlight

We Help Empower You with Our Advanced Features

Tantiv4 offers the following advanced features for your IoT product


  • Phase Voltages
  • Phase currents
  • Neutral current
  • Real and Apparent Power
  • Harmonics

Equipment Connectivity

  • Direct connection to 3 phase voltages
  • Phase to phase voltage 440VAC 50-60Hz
  • Interfaces using current sensors with a clamp format for easy installation. Voltage sensors are internal to the device. Field terminals for 1.5 sq. mm cables

Electrical Measurements and Class

  • Accuracy +/- 2% with Class 1 CTs
  • Dynamic range 100:1 for the above accuracy with appropriate sensors
  • Operating power - 90 to 230VAC, 50-60 Hz

Other Sensors (optional)

  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor

Remote Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi to a local server
  • Wi-Fi through a local gateway to remote Servers
  • GSM connectivity (optional)

Server Connectivity Options

  • Client premises server
  • Cloud servers AWS, Azure

Device Specifics

  • Processor with 4 Mb flash
  • 24-bit 2nd order sigma-delta ADCs
  • Battery backup (optional) for supply power loss

ML-Based Machine Analytics

  • Based on Prescriptive analysis
  • Event based monitoring for real-time alerts
  • AI and Machine Learning at the Edge
  • Centralizes and transmits outputs and insights

Form Factor

  • Open frame with no enclosure
  • With IP65 enclosure
  • Clamp type current sensors


  • APIs for data collection parameters
  • Sampling rate
  • Transmission rate
  • Data packetization
  • Data Security
  • Cloud infra structure
  • AI/ML for machine health monitoring

MiDAS Innovative Service Model

Install our device with no cost or just an Installation service visit charges

Connect the MiDAS to cloud using in built internet hot spot.

Tantiv4 will create Login for you

Monitor the Energy Savings

Convenient periodic invoicing model

You pay for the Service- not for hardware and software


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