What Is Energy Efficiency & How Can We Save Energy in Manufacturing Industries?

What Is Energy Efficiency & How Can We Save Energy in Manufacturing Industries?

In mid 18th century, the world entered the Industrial Age, primarily because power tools, machines, and steam engines have replaced hand tools. The energy was at the core of this age-defining revolution.
While much has changed since, especially industrial technology, the core need for energy remains the same. Energy is a significant expense for any manufacturer, and the costs can be significant for manufacturers of all sizes.
They often need vast amounts of energy for production, lighting, machines, HVAC, etc. Saving energy expenses can go a long way in improving the bottom line and increasing profitability. For this reason, energy efficiency in manufacturing industries is so important.


What Is Energy Efficiency & How Can We Save Energy in Manufacturing Industries?

Simply put, energy efficiency means using relatively less energy than what was previously being used for any given task. It refers to eliminating energy waste and utilizing consumed energy most efficiently.
However, this is easier said than done because of the many complex processes and moving parts involved when it comes to manufacturers and their plants or factories. Simply limiting energy consumption or tweaking one facet to improve power efficiency does not always result positively.
Manufacturers need to monitor, assess, and analyze various parts of their production methods and machines and effectively communicate everything before properly implementing energy efficiency. Here, a powerful Power Analytic Solution like MiDAS from Tantive4 can be highly useful.


How MiDAS Can Help Save Energy in Manufacturing Industries

Tantiv4 has deeply studied the pain points of manufacturers and introduced a powerful Power Analytics solution called MiDAS. It offers energy efficiency in manufacturing industries using IIoT 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things).
IIoT 4.0 brings together physical production and operations of manufacturers with smart, digital technology, data analytics, and machine learning to provide a range of more connected and holistic solutions.power con
MiDAS is exceptional at accurately tracking power parameters and uses techniques based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) to reveal power consumption issues. When these issues are highlighted accurately, manufacturers can take the right steps toward energy efficiency.
It allows the manufacturer's production and operations to effectively reduce their energy consumption and their power bills. However, MiDAS doesn't stop there. It also increases equipment life and improves plant maintenance practices.
Tantiv4 has offered a comprehensive package with MiDAS that leverages many things from measurements, ML-based edge analytics, cloud communications, and AI-based analytics to help industries improve power efficiency and save energy in more ways than one.


  • It offers excellent visualization tools using innovative components to monitor power consumption, deviations against benchmarks, and prevent potential penalties.
  • The Harmonic Analysis of power is crucial for understanding the root of the problem with potentially power-hungry assets.
  • It provides multi-user, secured access to manage plant operations relevant to energy consumption.
  • Manufacturers get role-based prescriptive analytics to take actions on reduced Power Factor, load unbalancing between phases, higher harmonics, and distortion.


However, perhaps the biggest advantage of MiDAS is its attractive SaaS costing model. Manufacturers only pay once they start getting results, there are no initial costs, and since it is a SaaS model, they are not buying a physical product but a software-based service. They won't even have to worry about the repair and replacement costs of the equipment.



Energy efficiency in manufacturing industries is not easy, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult & costly. Powerful Power Analytic tools like MiDAS can improve power efficiency with ease, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, based on your individual industry needs.
It is a smart, digital IIoT 4.0 solution that can change how you use energy, maintain machines, and improve your bottom line.
If you want to learn more about energy efficiency in manufacturing industries or about the powerful Power Analytics of MiDAS from Tantiv4, please visit our website today.

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