The Difference Between IoT, AI and ML Can it Benefit Your Business?

The Difference Between IoT, AI and ML Can it Benefit Your Business?

If you’re new to smart home and business systems, you’ve probably come across buzz words like IoT, AI, and ML and are likely flummoxed. And that’s understandable because these three disruptive technologies are very interconnected with each other. So let’s dive straight into these three technologies and learn how you can differentiate between them.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of algorithms to imitate human behaviour in applying knowledge. AI shares many aspects of human intelligence, allowing it to take over many tasks that are primarily done by human beings.

One defining area of AI in technology is the automation of repetitive tasks using RPA (robotic process automation). AI will see a widespread application in mundane and process-oriented tasks such as accounts payable, loan underwriting, software engineering, and even radiology.

AI also has a learning component to it and learns from errors and activities that take place in the background, gradually evolving to perform each task in a better way.

For instance, AI allows us to integrate smart home & security solutions into everyday tasks. Not only is AI creating solutions to common everyday problems, but it is also making life simpler for everyone. Its presence in home automation allows us to control our appliances, secure our homes, and even limit our expenses. The ultimate goal of home automation is to limit the need for human involvement. With AI, this goal is well within reach.

Here is a quick video example of how AI is being used in different home environments.

Machine Learning

Machine learning often used interchangeably with deep learning, is the means of achieving AI. The term ‘machine learning’ was first coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959, defining it as the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Put simply, you can build AI manually without machine learning, but that means a significant amount of manual work to writing millions of lines of code with lots of rules and decision trees.

Machine learning takes all this manual labour out of the equation and ‘trains’ an algorithm so that it can learn and evolve. But instead of feeding AI with vast amounts of code, you’re feeding it vast amounts of data. For example, Facebook uses machine learning to detect vital facial features of a video subject in real-time. And because they have a massive amount of data to draw from, their ML platform has an easier time evolving to growing demands. Machine learning technology allows businesses to respond faster to emails from clients, detect clouds in a satellite image, and finding ‘habitable’ planets in deep space.


IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is a system of interconnected devices in a wireless manner that are usually accessible via the internet. These devices utilize sensors and built-in embedded systems to control other devices on the smart ecosystem.

IoT devices have a range of applications and processes, including real-time analysis of parameters, efficient management of health care devices, monitoring energy consumption, and making devices more secure.

Businesses that take the necessary steps to create IoT-enabled environments are setting themselves up for success in a world when just about everything will be automated.


Understanding the Role of AI and ML in IoT

Together, AI and ML will play a massive role in how we use and monitor IoT devices. It’s much like the relationship between the human brain and body. The body uses sensory input such as sight, touch, and sound to gain situational awareness of its surroundings, and the brain uses the data to make informed intelligent decisions.

Of course, the real challenge is to find a way to seamlessly connect a range of different devices on a single, unified platform without sacrificing information and data. Imagine being able to control all your IoT devices on a single platform at the touch of your fingertips. Tantiv4’s proprietary AI-Based interactive platform makes this a real possibility and gives you the best of edge and cloud computing.

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