Tantiv4 Inc’s Unveils New Smart Skills designed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on Google Home

Tantiv4 Inc’s Unveils New Smart Skills designed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant on Google Home

Tantiv4 Inc. is complementing its ThingaOS™ platform for Smart IoT device control with industry leading voice-based digital assistant skills simplifying the user experience and adoption

Tantiv4 Inc. today announces a new way for enterprises and consumers to directly control their smart devices or appliances with offerings in the digital voice-assistant market. Users can now instantly access all their device and perform simple or complex actions through its “ThingaOS skill” on Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant on Amazon Echo (and other Alexa-enabled devices) and on the Google Assistant on Google Home using the “Butler Hub skill”.

The team at Tantiv4 has built the world’s rst automated solution for the Smart Home that brings together all of your smart IoT devices and applications into a unied skill on both the Google Home and Amazon Alexa Platforms. It works with digital lights, thermostats, smart plugs, motion sensors, door sensors and more... all through voice commands and a simple UI. ThingaOS voice skills represent a truly practical application and solves the adoption problem by making it easy to use for consumers and enterprises. It brings together the combination of home awareness with the intelligent actions that happen automatically within the home or enterprise.

“By using ThingaOS™ technology users can verbally issue commands to a device to turn on lights or monitor who is at the front door," said Kishore Moturi, co-founder and VP Sales of Tantiv4 Inc. "Integrating several devices and ecosystems also eliminates the need for the user to operate several device related apps”. All operations are done seamlessly and are controlled through voice or the ThingaOS app.

The Tantiv4 skills are published and can be downloaded on any IOS and Android devices.

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