Sharp Launches New Line of Voice Enabled BD Recorder Products for Ultra HD Blu-ray™ playback

Sharp Launches New Line of Voice Enabled BD Recorder Products for Ultra HD Blu-ray™ playback

Tantiv4 Inc is powering Sharp’s 2B-C20BT3 and 2B-C10BT3 BD Recorder with ThingaOS™ smart platform to simplify consumers remote control experience .

Tantiv4 a leader in Voice and Cloud Platform for Consumer and Industrial IOT solutions, today announced that Sharp Corporation, a leading Japanese multinational company that designs and manufactures consumer electronic products, has launched two new voice enabled BD Recorder products complementing the physical remote using Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ Platform.

Sharp's BD Recorder 2B-C20BT3 and 2B-C10BT3 include support for 4K high quality video playback and recording. The new models will be available in Japanese retail stores in March and add to 2B-C10BT1, 2B-C20BW1, 2B-C10BW1, 2B-C10BW2 and 2B-C05BW1 BD Recorder line up also powered by Tantiv4 solution announced on February 15th, 2019.

“Tantiv4’s solution ensures complete voice-based operation of Sharp’s existing remote control, invoked by a consumer talking into input devices such as the Google Home/Mini in Japanese local language, “said Kishore Moturi, co-founder and VP Sales of Tantiv4 Inc. “Remote control functions are invoked by simple or complex voice commands in multiple ways making Sharp’s 2019 BD Recorder products responsive to users viewing needs.”

It was Tantiv4’s responsibility to develop an advanced voice model which would understand the various utterances and present the most accurate results. Frustration caused by long and time-consuming inefficient searches are a thing of the past. ThingaOS™ uses machine learning and AI to constantly provide accurate search results and provides the ability to adapt to an individual user’s needs.

About Tantiv4 Inc.

Tantiv4 Inc., headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is powering the next generation IoT Voice and Cloud platforms by providing uniquely architected solutions with a focus on simplifying and solving the pain points that exist in todays IOT solutions. ThingaOS and ThingaAI solutions provide advanced automation using AI and ML algorithms to increase ROI for companies and improve business efficiencies. ThingaOS™ operates on all popular cloud eco-systems, RF protocols and supports several controller and voice interfaces.

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