ThingaOS™ : Offering Seamless Connectivity to Smart Device Makers

ThingaOS™ : Offering Seamless Connectivity to Smart Device Makers

What Is ThingaOS™?

ThingaOS™ is a next-generation IoT (internet of things) industrial, commercial as well as a smart home platform. It is readily applicable to both commercial enterprises and also everyday consumers who want to optimize their ‘smart living’ experience.

It can be utilized to achieve seamless automation of the modern lifestyle as well as boost business efficiency. Since it is primarily an Edge platform, ThingaOS™ also ensures data privacy and proper security. Apart from that, it can also maintain cloud connectivity, as and when required, for many essential services including periodic updates and message notifications.

Why ThingaOS™?

Its single most crucial utility stems from the fact that it can seamlessly operate on all of the current smart device ecosystems including Google, Amazon, and Apple. Furthermore, it can also support their respective voice interfaces. Here, ThingaOS’s unique ability to integrate multiple devices and ecosystems also effectively eliminates the need for any user to operate different device related apps simultaneously.

In other words, Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ effectively eases out the teething issues as well as the problems generally associated with following different protocols and functions. And this holds for just about any sort of smart device manufacturing company. Now, your company can redefine its focus and start building great products and features. We, at Tantiv4, will take care of the connectivity challenge through the creative use of our IoT platform ‘ThingaOS™.’

ThingaOS™ can detect all the compatible smart devices that exist in its network, and it can also populate its network not just on a phone app but also on its web interface. This OS is entirely independent of the myriad number of protocols that most smart devices support. This is why it is possible for the user to effectively control all the smart devices present on the network from a single interface. Moreover, it can also set the various rules and automation for the different devices so that they will be able to work with each other effortlessly.

The User Can Control the Devices Via Cloud or Within the Home Network

Since the OS is ‘voice operation’ (VO) capable, its users can also use Google Voice Siri and Alexa and other compatible services to control all the devices that are part of the ThingaOS™ operated networks. In order to ensure maximum security, the many devices hooked on the network can be controlled through the cloud or even from within the home network.

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ThingaOS™ offers unprecedented seamless connectivity across multiple platforms. It provides a tremendous advantage to the manufacturers of smart devices. You create and build great devices while we handle all of your connectivity needs.

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