ThingaOS™: The New Wave Disruptive Technology That Comes of Age

ThingaOS™: The New Wave Disruptive Technology That Comes of Age

ThingaOS™ has the ability to transform smart living as it exists today. From safety and security to everyday convenience, Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ IoT cross platform & app can do it all.

ThingaOS™: The Perfect Smart Home Solution

ThingaOS™ actually puts the ‘smart’ in your smart home. If you are in the kitchen and want to switch off the lights in the living room, the app ThingsOS™ will do it for you. It does not matter which platform you are using since the ThingaOS™ can work effortlessly with Apple, Alexa and android Android devices both. And since it is voice activated, all you have to do is tell Siri that you want the lights off. And ThingaOS™ will get into action to do the needful.

From the security point of view, once you leave your home, ThingaOS™ can help to monitor your house. In case an intruder tries to gain access to your property, not only will the app trip the alarm, but it will also activate the camera so that it takes a picture of the intruder. It will then email you the picture for whatever action you may want to take. Similarly, it can also set the thermostat of your HVAC unit and even switch off your ‘smart-plug’ equipped entertainment system, which will decrease your power bills.

And it is not just smart home device owners makers who can benefit from ThingaOS™’s radical approach. But any smart device makers can also incorporate this OS in their devices to create seamless connectivity for their customers.

ThingaOS™: Making Property Managers’ Lives a Whole Lot Easier

This IoT platform can prove to be invaluable to property managers. Now they can check the temperature of any climate control environment from their iPad and also get an immediate idea of how many lights are switched on in a building. This way, they can keep tabs on the energy consumption of an entire apartment block, even if they are hundreds of miles away. This IoT application can even help detect gas and water leaks and inform the user in real time. This way, it is possible to take immediate remedial measures or even switch off the main water valves. All of this is possible with the swipe of a finger.

The app ThingaOS™ IoT platform is also useful for the hospitality industry since it can be used to allow access to visitors and guests for the duration of their stay. Both hotel managers and guests can even use it to sign their smart contracts.

Tantiv4 is a software IoT technology leader. It has demonstrated its disruptive ThingaOS™ solution platform at CES 2019 and showcased its applications targeting consumer enterprise and industrial users. If you missed our demonstrations, you can check out our videos above.

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