Is Your Organization Struggling to Take the IoT Advantage?

Is Your Organization Struggling to Take the IoT Advantage?

The implementation of IoT is not going as smooth as it was forecasted & expected. What’s shocking is that several harbingers of change that leveraged IoT to power up modern solutions can’t even explain how their solutions offer an edge over the conventional IT solutions. It is not just an observation; these are the findings of a recent study.

According to the survey, there is a severe need of education and training that can help enterprises across all industries—conglomerates, SMEs, and brick-at-mortar shops—to gain an understanding of the specific and exact benefits that IoT offers.

The results suggest that there is vast confusion among organizations that make it hard for them to comprehend how IoT can solve specific issues. For instance, some organizations, when inquired about what advantages they believe IoT offers them. The response was nothing short of run-of-the-mill: they answered that IoT helps them save costs, enhance their operational efficiency, and increase their productivity. On the contrary, experts expected more relevant benefits like how IoT can help in conducting predictive maintenance, improving the safety of their workers, preventing the cost overruns, addressing billing concerns, and monitoring critical equipment.

Around 84% of organizations revealed that they either plan to implement IoT or they already have implemented it. However, almost 55% believe that they need detailed guidance and research. Around 15% even claimed that they had no idea about how to operate in this regard.

The study also revealed that organizations were concerned about the following implementation barriers in IoT.

  • They were struggling with budgeting and costs.
  • They were unable to protect their IoT ecosystems.
  • They were short on expertise.

Tantiv4 Vision

According to Tantiv4, it is essential that IoT solution providers get a good handle on product understanding and invest in research on product niches, and this approach is fundamental to use IoT effectively. For instance, the purpose, use, and implementation of a security camera are a whole lot different than a washing machine. Therefore, following their respective domains, businesses must master and design a customized SaaS solution for their product range.

For instance, Tantiv4 used its ThingaOSTM IoT platform to power Sharp’s 2B-C20BT3 and 2B-C10BT3 BD Recorder. As a result, the user experience was significantly eased up, and productivity increased. Tantiv4 identified that Sharp with voice capabilities could take the complete advantage of IoT. So, they used their mastery and made sure that the existing remote control of Sharp gets fully integrated with voice-based technology. This technology is sophisticated enough to make sense of different utterances, and it can respond to them with precise results.

In the end, the responsibility falls on the OEMs to reduce their execution risk and decrease their go-to-market time. As such, Tantiv4 is experts with the IoT and can help organizations to improve their adoption of IoT, while ensuring that they can utilize IoT to the full extent.

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