Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™: Helping the IoT Evolve to The Next Level

Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™: Helping the IoT Evolve to The Next Level

The ‘Internet of Things' (IoT), as it currently exists today, offers only generic solutions to age-old problems. IoT solutions are focused on the replacement of your device's remote-control unit. Alternately, it can even take over your remote control's primary functions.

However, this is the extent of its application, at least as far as the current generation of users is concerned. They are used to flicking through channels on their home system via remote control, and they will use the IoT to perform pretty much the same functions.

However, the existing IoT solutions do not offer a universal one-size-fits-all solution. The reason is that every specific product category or domain operates within its own set of constraints and issues. We have before us a problem of configuring and managing a BDR and ‘sifting' through thousands of titles in a dialect before the machine can understand and implement them— a task that our OS SaaS platform was able to execute with seamless precision.

Utilizing the IoT More Effectively

The IoT can be utilized in a much more effective manner once we start utilizing its true potential. It does not need to be a mere ‘replacement’ for remote devices, but a highly advanced ‘standalone’ system in its own right. While some people may have trouble adjusting to this new reality, their younger counterparts can adopt this technology quite eagerly.

Instead of going through multiple options on a remote unit, it is possible to get rid of the whole system, once and for all. The same is possible with the help of smart speakers that have an Artificial Intelligence based and machine learning OS that can seamlessly understand, interpret and execute multiple commands, simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence based Smart Speakers

Here is the part where Tantiv4 comes into the picture. Our ‘state of the art’ ThingaOS™ uses cutting edge technology to simplify the operation of various devices and electronic appliances in your home.

Now you can ditch your remote-control unit once and for all and actually ‘talk’ to the smart devices in your home, knowing that they will ‘listen and obey’ to your every command.

Helping Build Smart Devices Together

We, at Tantiv4, are at the forefront of developing technologies that home appliance and other smart device manufacturing companies can quickly adapt. Our radically advanced IoT effectively ensures that your products are not just smarter but also more personalized. This makes them easier to use and thus less prone to misinterpretation. We are currently in the process of building domain-specific SaaS (software as a service) clouds.

These ThingaOS™ equipped devices can adapt and understand what the person says a whole lot better than the current generation of tools that can only follow generic commands.

“In fact, our revolutionary ‘ThingaOS™ Saas Platform provides a potent AI based backend system that allows for a very high degree of accuracy in interpreting the end user’s intent. Our OS does not simply ‘guess' what he is trying to say, but adapts to the subtle variations of his speech through a continuous machine learning algorithm.”


In light of the above, we can state that Tantiv4’s ThingaOS is an extremely advanced IoT platform that offers ‘tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems.

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