Increasing Capability Instead of Launching New Products: Regain Your Market Edge the Tantiv4 Way

Increasing Capability Instead of Launching New Products: Regain Your Market Edge the Tantiv4 Way

Every consumer electronics company has to diversify its product portfolio to retain the interest of its customers. However, any new product launch is an intrinsically risky proposition, and the more significant the company, the bigger the risk. It holds especially true if you vector in ancillary costs such as marketing expenses and workforce requirements.

However, it does not always have to be this way because now you can enhance the capabilities of your existing product portfolio, without the risk of launching a range of new products.

Today’s discerning customer wants cutting-edge voice recognition capability in most of their devices. Unfortunately, many large-scale manufacturers are afraid that the introduction of a completely new product along with its associated IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities will also bring additional challenges with it. The biggest one would be the lack of acceptability of the new product in the market.

First, there will be a pre-launch phase where the manufacturer will attempt to create a certain amount of hype for its brand-new product. Then it will launch the device in a blaze of marketing and PR related fanfare. And if the target audience does not accept the product, it will fall flat on its face, leading to crippling losses for the company concerned.

Here we at Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ comes into the picture. We can help these manufacturers retain their market-leading products and add IoT capabilities with a minimal footprint on their devices. We will augment their existing skills by enabling them with highly effective voice and speech recognition capabilities. For this purpose, we will use & build the IoT’s native SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform.

These enhancements will be particular to the original product range and will not alter the original specifications at all. It will help them to mitigate the risk of destabilizing the product or undercutting its market share. On the contrary, it will help the product to use the very latest technology that is currently available today. And the end customers will appreciate the seeming ease with which they can operate the product.

We, at Tantiv4, have built various SaaS platforms that are suitable for individual products. We are currently working with different manufacturing teams to provide them the IoT, AI and ML solutions that our state-of-the-art technology can offer. And the best part is that our products do not impinge on the product’s core functions in any way.

We are already working with the consumer electronics giant SHARP and have enabled their BDR (Blue Ray Disk recorder) with our ThingaOS™ (operating system). The future of voice is here to stay, and the consumer can tell the device what he wants instead of tediously pushing different buttons on the remote control unit.


In light of the above discussion, we can state that most manufacturing companies can leapfrog the competition without launching any new products. Tantiv4’s ThingaOS™ can do the needful without disrupting their existing product assembly lines and portfolios.

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