Use Cases of the Four-Key Smart Button How Tantiv4 Took IFTTT to the Next Level

Use Cases of the Four-Key Smart Button How Tantiv4 Took IFTTT to the Next Level

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”. IFTTT adopts its idea from a programming concept: the if-then statement. Developers use this statement to assign a task if a pre-defined set of condition(s) turns out to be true.

Tantiv4 has released IFTTT smart buttons as part of its ThingaOSTM cloud platform. This technology integrates Rak’s hardware capabilities and connects it with the IFTTT cloud. As a result, unlike traditional IFTTT solutions, you are not dependent on a smartphone to automate your home or commercial tasks.

Use Cases for Individual Users

For individual users, this IFTTT smart button promises high productivity. For example, consider the following.

  • Users can set up their alarms that can synchronize with their sleep cycles. For instance, if you go to sleep at 10 AM, you can press the button. The button then connects with your smart alarm devices and can wake you up after an 8-hour sleep. Additionally, it can integrate with your smart toaster and coffee machine and direct them to prepare your breakfast by 5:55 AM. As a result, from manually modifying your alarm to preparing your breakfast, Tantiv4’s smart button saves you from a lot of redundant actions.
  • Whether, you suffer from respiratory disease like asthma or any psychological disorder, taking medicines on time can be quite cumbersome, especially if you have a lot on your plate. You can press the button and integrate it with all of your smart devices. As a result, whether you are in your car, office, or home, it can serve as a medicine reminder.
  • In old age homes, this button can greatly assist the elderly. Since senior citizens find it difficult to use applications on smartphones and other gadgets, therefore, this button saves them from the added complexity. They can simply assign four of their most important tasks to this button, especially since they find it hard to keep track of their activities due to memory-related issues.


Commercial Use Cases

From the commercial perspective, this customized set of smart buttons can automate the following tasks.

  • In a retail store or supermarket, staff can press the button when the inventory finishes and needs replenishment. The button can then use the cloud to send this information to the relevant parties in the supply chain.
  • For companies who have outsourced their computer-based needs to an IT firm, the button can serve as an intermediary in bad times. For example, if the company system crashes, they can press the button to ask for IT repair. Similarly, if a cyber attack infects their network, this independent button can serve as an emergency solution. In such a scenario, it can first activate a pre-defined contingency plan to limit the cyberattack. It then sends a message (email, automated call, SMS, social media direct messages) to the company’s CISO, its team, and the law enforcement agencies to act up instantly.
  • In hospitals, the button can play the role of an automated nurse. Doctors and medical staff can use it to automate the next generation of IoT equipment: MioT (Medical Internet of Things). Similarly, patients can use it to send an email or message to their doctors in case of an emergency.


As you can see, Tantiv4 promises an incredible productive solution in the form of its customized IFTTT smart button. If you want the same degree of productivity in your home or business, contact Tantiv4 so we can consult you better.

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