ThingaOS™: The Perfect Blend of IoT And the SaaS Cloud

ThingaOS™: The Perfect Blend of IoT And the SaaS Cloud

Tantiv4’s path-breaking ThingaOS™ Saas platform offers an unparalleled value for manufacturers and other companies that deal in the consumer goods market.

Today, cutting edge technology is evolving at a breath-taking pace, and many SAAS (software-as-a-service) platforms are now stepping up to take advantage of the different opportunities out there. Various companies are now emerging to take these opportunities and thus create SaaS clouds for highly specific IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

It is possible to start from a generic platform, and then move on towards highly specialized applications such as BDR and VDR platforms. Once specific product categories come into play, the entire conversation changes from general SaaS applications to the resolution of highly particular issues and problems that such applications can solve.

Blending the IoT and the SaaS Cloud

Unfortunately, many consumer electronics manufacturers tend to be quite device-centric. It means that they have little knowledge of the tremendous potential of the Cloud. On the other hand, the companies that are working to provide SaaS cloud-based solutions for everyday consumer electronic related problems tend to have a cloud-centric approach. In the long run, it means that they have less knowledge of the device and the issues faced by the modern consumer.

On the other hand, we, at Tantiv4, are the perfect blend of expertise in all sorts of IoT Device as well as the cloud. Moreover, we have managed to establish a market for both the cloud as well as consumer electronic devices. We have been able to enhance the functionality of both to create a synergic relationship between the two.

By this, we mean that we are now in a unique position where we are actively helping consumer electronics companies ensure that their products are IoT enabled with ‘state of the art’ technology.

Use ThingaOS™ To Gain an Edge Over Your Competitors

Apart from that, we make sure that our IoT enabled products will have a definitive edge in the marketplace. It is because they will be able to both understand as well as respond to various commands. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The real magic starts when we connect different devices via our ThingaOS™ cloud. It is imbued with artificial intelligence as well as machine learning algorithms. This makes every successive use of the product smarter. There is a reason behind this. The device is ‘literally' learning every step of the way so that it starts performing closer and closer to your expectations.

In fact, it is possible to use different voice capabilities as well as interpretations to make sure that the machine understands your specific accent and dialogue and complies with every command that you give to it.


In light of the above, we can say that the ‘Internet of Things’ can effectively revolutionize the consumer electronics industry. Ride the wave of commercial success with Tantiv4 and watch your profits grow!

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