Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Business

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Business

If you have ever struggled with slow internet at your workplace while working on an urgent submission, you know how frustrating such situations can be. Having smooth access to the internet at your workplace has become necessary since most jobs need access for proper functioning.

However, the connection is bound to malfunction with the entire office simultaneously using the same internet source. Therefore, you need to get and deploy managed Wi-Fi solutions to ensure your workplace runs smoothly.


What Is a Managed Wi-Fi Solution?

A managed Wi-Fi solution allows businesses to use third-party routers for Wi-Fi and network management. This action allows them to monitor data spend, allocate application data limits, and prioritize certain applications to increase productivity.
You can utilize several features as a business; however, their strength depends on the third-party router, the software you work with, and their capabilities.


Benefits of a Managed Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Business

Managed Wi-Fi or Business Wi-Fi solutions are ideal for business and home use since you can monitor and organize usage to improve internet performance. Below are the key benefits you will get when you use them for your business:


1. Uninterrupted Internet for Important Applications

The last thing you want is for the internet to start malfunctioning right when you are in the middle of an important meeting with international business partners. Most meetings with international business partners need to be conducted since the pandemic has made traveling risky.
This problem is likely to occur normally, and Tantiv4’s REZRV can prevent it. You can use an application manager to prioritize data consumption for meeting-based software. The prioritization will ensure meetings receive uninterrupted internet throughout.


2. Quotas

Another major benefit of business Wi-Fi solutions is setting quotas for how much data each application can use monthly. The best way to do it is to monitor which applications the data is being used on the most.
While there is always some space for casual browsing and streaming, it becomes a problem if casual usage undermines productivity. Therefore, you can set data quotas for each website group, assigning higher quotas to work-related websites.


3. Minimized Wastage of Time

In addition to better management of quotas, this practice will also help you minimize time wastage. If you find out that your team is spending more time and data on Netflix and less on their work, you can conclude that they are using the application during their work hours instead of just their breaks.
Therefore, a managed Wi-Fi solution’s ability to monitor and manage will also improve productivity and performance.


4. Priority Allocation Options and Customization

Finally, you can review the internet needs of each department and allocate application data usage to them accordingly. For example, the marketing department will likely need to use social media applications, like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram more often than the Finance department.
Thus, you can reorganize the priorities and quotas of these applications accordingly.


Final Thoughts

In short, managed Wi-Fi solutions can play a significant role in your business and help you optimize your current usage. If you are interested in learning more about Tantiv4’s REZRV, please contact us using this link. Our teams will review your query and respond to it as soon as possible.

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