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REZRV is a software designed for existing and new enterprise and home routers that give the office IT manager or the home user the ability to monitor and manage the network needs.

Rezrv Rezerv Software
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REZRV is a patented technology that applies bandwidth management policies by measuring and controlling all communication (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the bandwidth to capacity, thereby eliminating congestion and poor performance of the network. The policies are configurable for needs as defined by the customer requirement. REZRV policies can be managed from the cloud, allowing dynamic updates for changing business needs.

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Manage Internet
Amazon Link
WRT 3200 ACM 

Software version : V1.03.482

Amazon Link
R7 800 

Software version : V1.02.483


Software version : V1.01.487

Amazon Link
Archer A7 V5 

Software version : V1.04.485

Amazon Link
Archer C7 V5 

Software version : V1.05.484

Buy Wi-Fi Router with Pre-Installed REZRV Software

network Smartware

We simplify your Wi-Fi

Dual-Core-880MHZ SmartWi? 128-MB-ram

Bandwidth Managed MIMO Wi-Fi Router

Works with Google Home & Alexa

Color: Black

Model Number: NSAC1200RZ
1200 Mbps Dual Band Wifi Router

Price: USD 99

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