REZRV Announces Extensive Support for Multiple Routers

REZRV Announces Extensive Support for Multiple Routers

REZRV introduces a revolutionary way of enhancing network performance. Now is your chance to get comfortable with a bandwidth management technology that you can shape as per your preferences. It allows you to:

  • Stream high definition videos without any lag.
  • Maintain a never-ending and dependable connection.
  • Set a priority to Internet-connected devices (e.g., smart TVs, iPad, laptops).
  • Minimize network congestion by limiting packet jitter.
  • Track download/upload rates of all your applications (e.g., Productivity software/Game downloads).
  • Find which application consumes most of your Upload and Download data at various intervals.
  • Create your own rules to disable one or more online connections.
  • Set a data usage quota for each application.
  • Configure screen time for your children
  • Remain connected to key cloud operations
  • Set a higher priority for audio and video calls


REZRV Support for Routers

REZRV has been created for existing as well as new routers. Whether you have set up your network on a home router or an enterprise, REZRV grants unlimited power to manage and track your network requirements. This technology comes with a host of bandwidth management policies by controlling and measuring communication in the form of packets and traffic. You don’t have to be present at home or the office to manage your routers with REZRV. You can take control of your router from any remote location.

Another thing that makes REZRV stand out is its voice integration capabilities. You can use Google Assistant on your phone to issue voice commands. For example, you can simply disable Zoom by saying “Turn off Zoom”. So, which routers support REZRV? Let’s find out.

  • Linksys WRT3200ACM - A popular Wi-Fi routers in offices
  • Netgear R7800 - A reliable name among home-based routers
  • NetSmart WR1200 JS - Used for daily usage in homes
  • TP-LinkTLWR 902 AC - A seasoned performer used for private networks
  • TP-LinkArcher A7 V5 - A router built that caters to family use
  • TP-Link Archer C7 V5 - Got a mention in the New York Times


Get REZRV for Free!

If your router is not part of the list, then you can send us a message. Let us show you the right way to manage your Internet. To assist home and commercial users, we have decided to make REZRV FREE for the first 365 days! You do not even need to submit your credit card information – no strings attached. This one is on us. Therefore, this is your chance to install REZRV and outperform your competitors with higher productivity.

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