6 Ways to Improve your Office Wi-Fi Connectivity

6 Ways to Improve your Office Wi-Fi Connectivity

Imagine this familiar setting. You have worked tirelessly on a project. When you finally present it remotely to the client, the connection keeps getting interrupted, and your pitch falls apart. Internet connection lagging at the office is one of the most frustrating things, especially after the pandemic has shifted most meetings online.

The only solution to this problem is managing your Wi-Fi connectivity. To improve office Wi-Fi, you need to consider several factors. Assuming your internet provider is not at fault, common reasons for poor connectivity are heavy applications, non-optimized allocations, and wastage.


To avoid losing any more productivity, here are some tips for managing Wi-Fi at work:

1. Secure Your Network

Your first step should be securing your network. If your office Wi-Fi settings are public, people within range can access it. No matter how unlikely you think it is for someone to catch the signal, set up a strong password to keep it secure.

Your password keeps outsiders from freeloading and protects you against data theft. You will need to periodically change the password to ensure former employees or guests cannot access it later.


2. Reduce Wireless Interference

Your router may be using a channel that was optimal in the beginning but has become overcrowded. Change your channel to a less crowded one to reduce wireless interference and get better speeds.


3. Manage Your Quotas

By using Tantiv4’s REZRV, you can monitor how much data each device is consuming and see which applications are responsible for the highest data utilization. You can then choose to set quotas for applications to reduce wastage.

It is also best to communicate changes to employees to ensure they don’t unnecessarily utilize lower quota applications.


4. Find Optimal Placement for the Router

Often, your router placement is responsible for poor speed and interruptions in the connection. Set up your router in an elevated place instead of placing it on the floor. You will also need to walk around the office to discover where it receives the highest signal strength.
Correct placement will help improve office Wi-Fi speed extensively.


5. Prioritize Applications for Uninterrupted Access

You would not have faced interruptions during your meeting if Google Meet, Zoom, or your chosen meeting platform had priority access. With the right Wi-Fi management solution interface, you can prioritize a set of applications for uninterrupted access.
This incredible feature will help you increase focus towards work essential applications without banning necessary applications responsible for the bulk of unproductive usage.


6. Ensure Your Router Firmware Is Updated

Finally, you need to have updated router firmware to continue using the network seamlessly. Your internet providers continuously work on improvements and updates to adjust adaptability and improve performance.
Without the latest updates, you will likely start facing issues with Wi-Fi speed and connectivity. So, stay on the lookout for updates.


Wrap Up

To sum up, you need to work with the correct settings and advanced interfaces to manage Wi-Fi at work. We hope you found this article informative and are already considering implementing our suggestions.
You can download Tantiv4’s REZRV for your router through links on our website. If you want to learn more about the product, you can contact us through this link. We look forward to answering all your questions.

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