Is It Possible To Increase The Range Of a Wireless Router?

Is It Possible To Increase The Range Of a Wireless Router?

Do you often move closer to Wi-Fi when network speed is down? Do you struggle with poor wireless range most of the time? Well, you are not the only one. As more and more wireless devices get released every day, many obstacles exist that can restrict the range of your wireless network.

We have become so accustomed to Wi-Fi for streaming our favourite shows, listening to music, or performing work-related tasks that we often tend to take it for granted. A weak Wi-Fi connection disrupts the daily routine. Here are some of the reasons why your Wi-Fi goes down


Objects Interfere With the Signals

Similar to Superman’s x-ray vision, wireless signals find it hard to penetrate certain materials, such as metal. Pipes, walls, and metal filing cabinets can restrict your wireless connection. The greater the number of obstructions, the worse the interference is


Multiple Routers Using the Same Channel

Wireless routers rely on certain channels for sending and receiving data. Your connection will suffer if multiple routers operate on the same channel.


Check for Equipment That Causes Interference

Wireless networks use radio frequencies for data transmission, which also means that your wireless signals can be affected due to interference from devices, such as wireless audio equipment, electrical power sources, wireless cameras, and microwave.


How to Improve Wi-Fi Performance?

You can address all these issues by downloading REZRV. REZRV is proprietary software that provides a revolutionary network bandwidth management solution. With this technology, you can track your digital needs and configure accordingly. This means that once the range of your home or office router drops, you can use REZRV to prioritize the applications that need bandwidth.

For example, suppose you have a sales team that is reliant on Salesforce CRM. This software helps them to nurture prospects and leads with relevant and personalized information as they establish an individual rapport and enhance brand visibility to earn customers.

However, what if your router’s wireless range weakens when your sales representative is just about to close the deal with an important client? This is where REZRV enters and does all the magic. REZRV will classify each flow in a different category. In this way, you can monitor other applications, such as Zoom and Zapier, that are using most of your network resources. Since there is no immediate need to use both of them, you can prioritize the Salesforce CRM app, this will make sure your prioritized app get sufficient internet bandwidth; thus your sales representative can easily close the deal.

REZRV knows your priority. Use it to keep your most important applications running and prevent potential losses. Click here to download it.

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