How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Your WiFi Smarter

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Your WiFi Smarter

There was a time when the average WiFi network only had to deal with a few connections and devices. But things have changed significantly over the last few years thanks to the evolution of IoT devices. This has resulted in the sudden explosion of connected devices, rendering traditional methods of network management ineffective.

In the past, it was simple enough for experienced network engineers to pinpoint the source of a performance issue by merely checking through TCP/IP packets, router logs, and other networking data. This option is no longer viable when applied in today’s incredibly decentralized and complex network architectures, which rely far too much data for even the best networking professionals to manually handle on their own.

A proprietary software designed for WiFi management using AI & ML helps us understand how the total bandwidth / wiFI management experience can be optimized for better delivery of services. Here is a short video explaining how WiFi management works!

AI is Far More Efficient Than Humans

There is a reason why a growing number of enterprises are applying artificial intelligence as a far more effective approach to network optimization. The recent advances in AI and machine learning offer IT teams access to powerful network management tools that make short of common issues such as bandwidth allocation, congestion, and connectivity problems.

The AI is better equipped to deal with the colossal amount of data that is too big for humans to manage on their own. And if that’s not enough, AI can resolve performance issues in record time without requiring any human intervention.

Some of the more advanced cloud-based computing resources can execute packet captures at wire speeds of up to 100 gigabits. It is simply not possible for a human to play catch up. Moreover, IT teams retain complete control of the AI to set and enforce rules related to network uptime, failed connection attempts, capacity, roaming, and much more, regardless of the complexity or size of the network.

While it is true that IT teams have studied these rules for years, they simply cannot manually process them with greater precision at large volumes. But AI makes it easy to spot performance issues as it seamlessly accesses multiple points, operating systems, applications, and device types.


The Human Component of Networking Isn’t Going Away.

That being said, it is highly unlikely that AI-based tools will ever replace IT teams. The human component of networking will never go away. AI simply provides us with new ways of designing and managing networks at a faster, more cost-effective pace than if it were done manually.

In order to guarantee that your network is performing as it should in a safe environment, it is highly recommended for companies to utilize help from human experts as well as AI.

With new application tools like Rezrv, we are at the forefront of a new era of human-machine interaction that is poised to transform the way we live and work with the internet. While we are still an incredibly long way from having machines replace IT administrators, machine learning has finally made it easier to manage WiFi networks.

Thanks to Rezrv, your WiFi network can be smarter than ever before and can troubleshoot problems well before they arise.

Lokesh Johri, Co-founder of Tantiv4, answers some very intriguing questions on Wi-Fi and how it can perform better without spending lots of money.

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