Leverage AI and Machine Learning to Control Your Bandwidth Management

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to Control Your Bandwidth Management

Are you having trouble running your business applications? Is your internet connection slower than before?

Bandwidth hog is a term used for applications that need a large number of system resources to download & run. Various factors influence bandwidth and slow down internet speeds. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that large-scale VoIP communications and streaming videos are the leading culprits. This is why it’s essential to configure your organization’s usage policy to minimize misuse by employees and allocate resources via a per-system basis.

Moreover, tasks, such as automatic system updates, backup jobs, and emails, can also monopolize the bandwidth. At some point, your internet connection becomes unusable. To address these concerns, you need to schedule bandwidth-intensive activities better. For instance, you can make sure that essential bandwidth-intensive tasks are automated and take place in the non-work hours, so your employees are not inconvenienced. Some of the applications that bog down your network include the following:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Skype


How Does REZRV Change the Game?

Tantiv4 assembled a world-class team of AI and ML experts whose innovative approach took traditional network monitoring to newer horizons. REZRV’s smart algorithms analyze data coming from various resources and produce more accurate results than you get from conventional network monitoring platforms, limited due to their dependence on link utilization.

Besides, REZRV AI-powered software applies machine learning to network performance. In this way, the network controller learns about your needs and evolves in a systemic manner that steadily enhances bandwidth management.

AI shows modelling of a wide range of performance scenarios and connects application performance with network performance to evaluate how applications are affected in various performance scenarios.

As REZRV becomes familiar with your infrastructure and learns about its true intent and business goals, it continues to offer accurate capacity planning while the network expands, adjusts, and adds users via both the cloud and local channels.

As REZRV settles into your corporate space, eventually, you can use AI to find which application is hogging most of the bandwidth and prevent them from exploiting your resources. In this way, you can improve your network with enhanced bandwidth optimization.


Final Thoughts

The best method to start with AI-driven capacity planning is to choose a dependable technology. For this purpose, you can opt for REZRV. Send us a message and share your bandwidth concerns, so we can deploy REZRV at your end and resolve your issues in a jiffy.

You may now opt to download and run the REZRV Bandwidth Management Software for FREE for 365 days.

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