Tantiv4 Announces Availability of an Advanced Connected Home Controller

Tantiv4 Announces Availability of an Advanced Connected Home Controller

Today, Tantiv4, the leading provider of IoT and cloud solutions for enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications, announced that it is sampling the Connected Home Controller product. The combination of the hardware and the ThingaOS™ edge and cloud software firmly establishes Tantiv4 as an industry leader in IoT management and monitoring.

Built with 24/7 support via iOS and Android mobile applications, ThingaOS™ guarantees the availability of remote management, ensuring the safety of the intended property. The UX has advanced API’s that can interact with 3rd party service applications, which can be easily integrated into an existing management dashboard. Tantiv4’s Connected Home Controller is at the core of the ThingaOS™ platform, supporting automation capabilities suitable for all users.

“Remote monitoring of either a single unit or several hundreds of units are an essential part of our core offering”, said Kishore Moturi, co-founder and CRO of Tantiv4 Inc. Edge intelligence on the controller analyzes events and performs actions automatically, preventing potentially catastrophic disasters.

Platform enhancements and modern UX design ensure that critical information is available at a glance with a powerful mobile and web-based interface. Property managers and installers will benefit from having a responsive system that ensures quick installation, seamless monitoring of these devices, and efficient response to events on the premises.


Common use cases of the advanced platform include

  • Notifications on an event of Property Management Solutions
  • Easy compatibility with Property management software
  • Creating friendly customized scenes for Home, Stay and Away modes with voice support
  • Efficient energy management using customized rules for managing lighting and appliances


About Tantiv4 Inc.

Tantiv4 Inc., headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is powering the next generation IoT Cloud Platform by providing uniquely architected solutions with a focus on simplifying and solving the pain points that exist in today’s IoT solutions. ThingaOS™ solutions provide advanced automation using AI and ML algorithms increasing ROI and improve business efficiencies. ThingaOS™ operates on all popular cloud eco-systems, RF protocols and supports all popular controller and voice interfaces.

For more information about this topic, please contact Kishore Moturi at +1 408 396-5962 or email at contact@tantiv4.com.

ThingaOS™, ThingaAI, FetchitGO, REZRV are trademarks of Tantiv4 Inc. All other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

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