Energy Efficiency with IIoT for Manufacturers

Energy Efficiency with IIoT for Manufacturers

Energy efficiency is a key goal for many manufacturers because it helps with power efficiency and keeps production costs down. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can help manufacturers meet this goal.


Energy Efficiency with IIoT for Manufacturers

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption is a priority for all manufacturers because of approaching emission laws and ever-increasing energy costs.
Manufacturers can achieve superior energy efficiency using a wide net of inexpensive, interconnected, wireless IIoT sensors and an AI and ML-powered power analytics solution like MiDAS from Tantiv4. This helps them get a competitive edge in the markets.
AI and ML-powered IIoT power analytics solutions can help overcome several barriers to manufacturers' energy efficiency. For example, MiDAS can help overcome the lack of data on ongoing energy consumption, which is a key barrier to energy efficiency.
Cost is another key barrier to energy efficiency. However, MiDAS is offered as a service from Tantiv4, which helps keep costs low. Manufacturers don't have to pay for the hardware, software, and maintenance because they only pay for the services that MiDAS offers.

It is an exceptional power analytics solution that provides real-time monitoring and power analytics related to equipment energy consumption, systems’ temperatures, peak power usage, and overall use to help manufacturers identify areas that need maintenance or improvement.


MiDAS Key Features

Here are just some of the key features of MiDAS for manufacturers.

  • Accurate Measurements - Using IIoT and other sensors, you can accurately measure phase voltages, phase currents, neutral current, real power, apparent power, and harmonics.
  • Power Consumption Patterns and Deviation - MiDAS monitors power consumption trends, patterns, and deviations to notify hourly, daily, or weekly high-power consumption or anomalies.
  • Actionable Reporting - Manufacturers get actionable reporting in terms of graphical patterns of collected data and power analytics.
  • Highly Interactive AI-Powered Dashboard - The dashboard is highly interactive, thanks to its natural language capabilities.
  • Role-Based Notifications - MiDAS gives role-based reports with actionable insight to the relevant technician or team.
  • Organized Analytics - MiDAS installations can be divided into Plants, Departments, or Assets as per your needs or preferences.
  • Many More - MiDAS is a unique AI and ML-powered power analytics solution for manufacturers that offer plenty more features for energy efficiency with IIoT.



MiDAS from Tantiv4 is the best energy-efficient solution with IIoT for manufacturers. It can help them with smarter power consumption, temperature management, maintenance, operating efficiency, and much more.
All thanks to its accurate, real-time data collection using IIoT sensors, its AI and ML-powered power analytics, and its user-friendly, actionable reporting.
Manufacturers who want to make the most of their equipment, power consumption, assets, and operations need such a powerful power analytics solution for now and later.
We highly recommend you request a demo for MiDAS today! It will help you experience this AI and ML-powered power analytics solution and the energy efficiency it brings with IIoT.

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