Why Smart Home Device Manufacturers Need a Universal Gateway?

Why Smart Home Device Manufacturers Need a Universal Gateway?

Are you a device manufacturer? Are you struggling to connect with homeowners?

In the fast-changing IoT landscape, a lot of devices with different protocols have been designed in a fairly short period. In the smart home industry, many of these protocols imposed restrictions on devices to connect seamlessly with other devices. Lately, smart home device manufacturers are looking at the possibility of a higher degree of smartness and intelligence in their products in addition to having different protocols communicate with each other. It is possible with a universal gateway that is built-in as part of the product.

Such a gateway device can come with Google, Apple, Amazon, and several RF protocols like Zigbee, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, BT etc.. support. It can expand compatibility for consumer devices and make development easier for manufacturers. The vision of this gateway is to ensure that smart home products are simple, reliable, secure, and easy to use. The gateway intends to provide communication across cloud services, mobile apps, and smart home devices. You can also configure it with different networking technologies and will have the required worldwide certifications. This gateway will bring all the IoT technologies and protocols on a single platform to take user experiences to the next level. It can end present a win-win situation for both smart home device manufacturers and homeowners.


Impact on Your Business

As a device manufacturer, you can use a universal gateway to enjoy the following benefits.

Leapfrog Technology

A Universal Gateway can help you to outpace your competitors. With AI and edge computing, homeowners no longer have to adjust and change their settings continuously. The gateway can “learn” and remember things over time. It will not merely “obey” users; it will “understand” them on an individual level.

Lowest R&D Investments

It can reduce your IT expenditures to a significant extent. Also, you don’t have to hire experts to seek help. It is because the universal gateway resolved the issues that you were working on.

Go to Market Ready

Product development can take much time— device manufacturers know this. From planning a product to release it to the public, they have to go through several phases. They don’t only have to ensure that all the features work, but also look for any vulnerability that can be caught by hackers. A universal gateway can ensure that you don’t have to spend much time in development and testing. It can add a lot of smart features on its own, allowing you to release your products quicker than ever.

User Management No Longer a Hinderance

Manufacturers often have to manage user access and control, mainly to prevent any security issue. A universal gateway can control and supervise its users with an excellent automated solution.


Final Thoughts

If you are on a lookout for such a gateway that can enhance the capabilities of your products to market, then send us a message. We can revolutionize the development of your smart home devices and assist you in capturing the smart home industry. The newly-added unique functionality and user-friendliness of your devices can attract a huge number of homeowners.

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