What Can CIOs Do To Improve Their IoT Deployments?

What Can CIOs Do To Improve Their IoT Deployments?

Business consulting experts reveal that CIOs can transform businesses in the next five years using IoT. They can identify new opportunities and take concrete steps, making their IoT projects a success. Here is what CIOs can do with different IoT trends.

Cooperate with CISOs with an Out-of-the-Box Mindset

According to Gartner, cybersecurity remains as the most crucial aspect of technical concerns that organizations need to assess before deploying their IoT applications and systems. The assessment is rational; after all, companies often cannot control the nature and source of the hardware and software that are used with IoT applications.

Experts envision a brighter 2023 in which a coordinated deployment of software and hardware deployment will help to design more secure and trustable IoT systems. Traditionally, CISOs (chief information security officers) have partnered with CIOs to troubleshoot common issues that used to plague desktop applications, web applications (front-end, back-end, etc.), mobile applications, and other IT domains.

Therefore, on a similar note, CIOs have to collaborate with CISOs to design solutions and strategies that can help to detect and fight off cyberattacks. Unlike, a few CIOs who are unsuccessfully trying to use the outdated and orthodox cybersecurity measures against the IoT cyber threats, a modern-day CIO has to ensure that they can apply out-of-the-box thinking to battle cyberattacks.

Introduce Ethical IoT

IoT is still in its infancy. With time, as its deployment and usage increases, it can open up many debates on ethical, legal, and social issues. For example, they can be associated with algorithmic bias. Therefore, CIOs must recognize the fact that targeting technical mastery for their IoT project is not enough. They also have to consider the social acceptance of their solutions. To begin with, they must train themselves and create awareness in their organization. You can also form ethic councils that can perform reviews of corporate IoT strategies. Moreover, you can also have a third-party firm to review and detect any potential algorithmic bias.

Create a Governance Framework

The expansion of IoT dictates that companies need a governance framework. The framework can make sure suitable behavior is used to create, store, delete, and use information that is associated with IoT projects. Governance is a broad subject – it can include basic tasks like firmware updates and device audits. On the complex side, it can touch upon issues like how to control the IoT devices or what to do with IoT data. CIOs have to help their personnel learn various IoT governance problems and present solutions for them.

Keep Up To Date with the Sensor Innovations

IoT sensors are going to evolve a lot until 2023. Their replacements are going to pack more power and capabilities. They can detect a broader set of events and situations. CIOs must make sure that their team is keeping an eye on the sensor innovations and timely pick those sensors that can create a positive impact on their businesses.

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