Value Proposition of Tantiv4 Solutions

Value Proposition of Tantiv4 Solutions

With the release of Thinga Cloud IoT Platform and ThingaOS Edge IoT platform, Tantiv4 envisions to create smart homes and smart factories in the new decade. Tantiv4 incorporates IoT, AI, ML, cloud, and edge to build customized solutions for your use case.

  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize productivity
  • Restrict downtime
  • Keep everyone Informed


Cloud Computing

  • Maintain Compatibility across all Cloud platforms
  • Apply data science for data collected on any cloud
  • Compile data from a complex network of Edge IoT devices and apply ML to generate Insights
  • Protect your sensitive data with a powerful combination of security protocols including, REST API, OAuth2 Standards, CoAP, MQTT, SSL, and DTLS.
  • Allows optimal flexibility to your software developers.
  • Connects to Zigbee, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IoT connectivity platforms on Edge.
  • Integrate cloud solutions from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.


Edge Computing

  • Leverage the might of edge computing to power your infrastructure.
  • Run computations for local processing and data analytics in no time.
  • Address latency and bandwidth issues in IoT devices.
  • Build a seamless in-store user experience with AR/VR.
  • Capitalize on context-driven analytics to unlock hidden, valuable customer insights.


Enables Connectivity to IFTTT Devices

  • Set alarms, meetings, and appointments, where it can integrate with your coffee machine, smart toaster, smartphone, and other devices.
  • Help patients take pills on time, especially those having amnesiac issues.
  • Commercially, companies can use this button to setup routines for a wide range of use cases. For example, users can press the button when a cyberattack occurs and notify the authorities on time.


Voice Technology

  • Automates business processes with smarter operations using application specific chatbots.
  • Simplifies communications and empowers managers to give voice based instructions for faster actions
  • Works with a choice of voice assistants (Alexa, or Siri) simplifying user experience.
  • Foster better customer relationships with AI-powered voice bots.


AI and Machine Learning

  • Generate predictions for businesses processes
  • Use AI to develop and customize smart systems based on Insights from real data.


Industrial Internet of Things

Manufacturers and suppliers can:

  • Predictive Maintenance – track raw data and apply machine learning to predict failure of equipment, machines, and part.
  • OEE Calculations – Optimize operations on the factory floor and introduce efficient mechanisms to improve operations in terms of facilities, materials, and time.
  • Energy Consumption – utilize smart meters to monitor and track energy consumption. Forecast the seasonal demand, curate usage, pattern, and recommend appropriate configuration.
  • Field Service Management – Embrace zero-stock inventory and facilitating technicians to offer more value.


Smart Living

  • Manage all your home IoT-powered appliances from work.
  • ThingaOS empowers you to hold human-like conversations with the IoT devices in your home such as with the smart thermostat.
  • Connect to any smart TV and watch your favorite shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix.
  • Brew coffee, heat food, and freeze food.
  • Integrate with all the common smart home products such as Honeywell and Nest devices.
  • Identify and diagnosis water leaks.
  • Access your home via a smart lock system.

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