Unifying Smarthome Devices and Protocols for a Safer and Accessible IoT Network

Unifying Smarthome Devices and Protocols for a Safer and Accessible IoT Network

Google, Apple, Amazon, and the Zigbee Alliance have teamed up to standardize smart home applications. Their collaborative work, known as “Project Connect Home Over IP” will create common ground between IoT protocols and simplify development for IoT applications to increase compatibility for consumers. This ‘royalty-free’ connectivity standard also ties in security as a fundamental design tenet of the project.

The new independent working protocols will be managed under the Zigbee Alliance. To make this possible, Google will be contributing their Weave and Threat open-source smart home technologies. It is worth noting that Zigbee Alliance’s Zigbee 3.0 protocol will remain separate. Zigbee started in 2005 and has a sizable market presence. Thread is from Google and began in 2015.

The problem with IoT devices is that white goods manufacturers currently have no particular standard to follow. Manufacturers are in a kind of ‘free fall’ when it comes to smart devices and sometimes ships them out to consumers without patching security vulnerabilities or addressing compatibility issues.

This necessitates the need for a ‘unified’ IoT protocol that simplifies communication with hundreds of IoT devices on the same network. Imagine having to launch 10 new apps for 10 different IoT devices connected to your smart home ecosystem.

Because there are billions of devices to work with, smart homeowners often run into compatibility issues when trying to plug in a new smart device into their IoT ecosystem. Managing dozens, much fewer hundreds, of smart devices can be a nerve-racking process.

It’s easy to lost sight of the sheer scale of IoT devices. In fact, Business Insider predicts that there will be about 41 billion IoT devices connected to the cloud. Furthermore, IoT devices gather and analyze massive amounts of data and require sophisticated IT infrastructures capable of directing the resulting digital traffic.


Tantiv4 – Leading the Frontier in a Unified IoT Platform

Tantiv4 has always stayed ahead of the curve by providing businesses and homeowners the ability to seamlessly power all their IoT needs on their intuitive automation hub. ThingaOS products have been working on the same underlying principle as “Project Connect Home Over IP” from day one. Users relying on ThingaOS no longer need to download separate apps for their IoT needs, all they need is the ThingaOS Connected Home Controller to micromanage each device on a single, intuitive dashboard.

Whether you’re on Alexa Echo, Google Home, or HomePod, ThingaOS is the unified platform of choice for many businesses and homeowners to power their IoT needs.

To simplify connectivity and security needs of IoT devices, Tantiv4 has launched products based on the same principle. Tantiv4’s Connected Home Controller is the world’s friendliest home automation hub enabling home automation at your fingertips.

Similarly, Tantiv4’s Voice Recognition Technology brings together several advanced features such as voice controls to a range of smart devices to keep the product experience intact in terms of features and functionality. Our voice recognition technology adds voice control through Google and Amazon for a range of commands that will be sent to a device using a remote-control unit.

Looking for a reliable IoT solution for home and businesses? Get in touch with Tantiv4. We specialize in smart business and home applications that will power millions of IoT devices from a range of ecosystems while bolstering connectivity, features, and security. Click here to learn more.

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