ThingaOS™: Helping Property Managers Make the Most of Their Smart Living Devices

ThingaOS™: Helping Property Managers Make the Most of Their Smart Living Devices

Managing large scale properties, such as a chain of five-star hotels, large apartment complexes, warehouses, old age homes, factories, etc., can be a challenging task, especially when you vector in maintenance and security related costs. Even the installation of the most ‘state of the art’ smart solutions can prove to be counterproductive because managing all of them with any degree of efficiency can be a tall order. 

You might need multiple individuals and platforms in order to ensure optimum system performance. And when the system has to process messages through different smart systems and devices across a cross section of platforms, then it can be prone to highly frustrating malfunctions. These malfunctions are so frustrating that they will make you wish that you never installed a smart system in the first place.

ThingaOS™ Offers Seamless Connectivity to Aid Property Managers Better

This is the part where ThingaOS™ by Tantive4 comes into the picture. This is a cutting edge smart living technology solution that offers seamless connectivity across multiple platforms and apps. You can not only measure the temperature of any climate control environment from your iPad, but you can also check and see exactly how many lights are switched on, on any given floor. Moreover, you can even check and see how much energy is being consumed in the building at any given point in time so that you can switch off the redundant lights and other electrical appliances even from your office.
And it is not just power generation and drainage that can cause problems. The steady drip of an overflowing tap can easily ruin the walls and carpets of an entire floor. However, with the help of ThingaOS™, you need not worry. The sensor will detect the errant leak and trigger an alarm. It will also automatically shut off the valve so that the runaway leak can be contained easily and in a timely manner.
Now multiply this access with multiple apartment blocks stretched across different cities, each with hundreds of apartments. This can turn out to be a logistical nightmare, but thanks to ThingaOS™, it does not have to be this way at all.
This is due to the fact that ThingaOS™ also provides status updates in real time to a totally secure cloud platform. This platform constantly monitors the area under its control for everything, from humidity levels to gas and water leakages via easy to understand dashboards that may be installed on many smart systems and devices.

In the light of the above, it can be concluded that the acquisition of the ThingaOS™ can be a quantum leap in the solution of many property management related issues.

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