ThingaOS™: The One Stop Solution for the ‘Smart’ Hospitality Market

ThingaOS™: The One Stop Solution for the ‘Smart’ Hospitality Market

ThingaOS™ by Tantiv4 provides a completely unique platform for the full integration of BlockChain capability across a cross section of devices. This, in turn, results in utilizing various smart devices that are able to grant access to any particular dwelling with the help of digital keys and smart contracts.

ThingaOS™ and Its Application in property Management and Hospitality Sectors
As a matter of fact, the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) has tremendous applications in not just property management but also in the hospitality sector. For example, using ThingaOS™, it is entirely possible for an erstwhile Airbnb owner to give digital keys to their guests. In such a scenario, they can use the smartphone to let their guests enter their premises. From the check-in till the check-out dates, the whole system will be auto activated and auto restricted to end as soon as the time of stay has been completed as per the terms and conditions of the smart contract.
If you are responsible for managing properties in different geographical areas, there is no need to rush from point A to point B with the keys since you can simply grant people access with the help of the ThingaOS™ system.

ThingaOS™ offers a vast array of benefits to not just property owners and managers but also to people in the hospitality sector. Some of the key benefits include the following:

  • It is cost and time efficient since it effectively eliminates the main reasons due to which you have to be physically present at the site.Everything, from shutting off leaking taps to giving tenants and guests access to the property that they have rented, can be done via your smartphone or any other smart device.
  • It is a safety and security device because it can inform you about a fire, gas leaks, and even forced intrusions. It can also take immediate remedial action, even if you are literally hundreds of miles away from the site.
  • With the help of ThingaOS™, it is possible to manage all the interconnected devices centrally via cloud connectivity.
  • It can help save you from a lot of frustration and stress 


In fact, this platform is now being widely used by property owners across different industries for highly effective property management. Indeed, this platform’s uninterrupted success has been so good that people from the hospitality industry have now started using it in ever greater numbers for all of their check-in, check-out and smart contract related formalities. This is because the sheer convenience of using this platform makes everyone an avid fan.

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