How Tantiv4 Is Using AI and Alexa to Deliver Cutting Edge Solutions to Its Consumers

How Tantiv4 Is Using AI and Alexa to Deliver Cutting Edge Solutions to Its Consumers

Consumer-oriented companies are always in a never-ending battle with their competitors. In order to stand out from the rest, they must add new features, introduce new products, and work on value addition for their services. However, this is easier said than done. There is a lot of risk involved when companies work on new products.

But what if it is possible to avoid the risks involved with launching a new set of products? Modern day customers have become too digitalized. From “clicking” to “tapping,” people want more and more convenience. Now, with voice recognition technology, you can envision a future where people evolve from “tapping” to “voicing”—issuing voice commands to engage in daily activities, particularly those associated with the internet of things.

For instance, a tired employee can go to home, issue a voice command to a voice-enabled home automation system that can wake him/her in the morning without having to go through the trouble of manually adjusting the alarm on their phone. Sounds promising, does not it?

This is exactly what Tantiv4 plans targeting with its highly advanced ThingaOSTM. It can help consumer-oriented enterprises edge out their competitors and add IoT and voice-enabled functionalities in their products. Meanwhile, the native SaaS platform of the IoT will power up such infrastructures. What’s more interesting is that these voice recognition capabilities are not limited to English; they are compatible with popular languages all over the world.

Sophisticated AI-Powered Voice Module

In order to understand the power behind Tantiv4’s solution, let’s shed some light on their achievements. The entertainment industry is extremely competitive. For instance, a blue-ray disk recorder (BDR) has certain requirements and functions where only specific BDR models and platforms can oversee it. Tantiv4 partnered with a BDR manufacturer and added voice functionalities in their BDR models of 2019. At the same time, Tantiv4 ensured that it did not affect other services of the brand.

Tantiv4 created an extremely sophisticated voice module that was unique because of its ability to pick off a wide range of voice commands from their users while getting different dialects and accents. They used this module to search movies, programs, and genres—just as you search movies on IMDB—albeit this time, you can use voice to perform advanced searches. Such depth of AI was absent in the past. As a result, Tantiv4 was able to deliver a truly cutting-edge solution to their consumers.


Tantiv4 is an AWS Advanced Partner. This means that they can leverage Alexa and integrate it with their clients, without having to reform the product from the start. Alexa refers to a specific set of devices that must contain two components: microphone and speaker. Tantiv4 clients can utter “Alexa” and wake their IoT-enabled devices so they can communicate with it via voice functionalities. Alexa uses AVS (Alexa Voice Services); an AI-enabled assistant powers it.

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