Tantiv4 Contributes in Creating a Development Kit QCA4020

Tantiv4 Contributes in Creating a Development Kit QCA4020

Tantiv4 is constantly releasing intuitive and smart solutions supporting voice as a user interface for IoT applications. Towards that we have been involved in the creation of a new development kit, based on Qualcomm's QCA4020 SOC. This development kit is certified by Amazon to operate with those devices that support AWS IoT Core. Tantiv4 is working as the North American ISV (independent software vendor) for Qualcomm and has collaborated with both Amazon and Qualcomm to launch this solution.

As expectations of consumers regarding voice technology expands, Tantiv4 desires to use voice for communicating and controlling internet-connected devices in their homes. This is why you can see why many of Tantiv4’s latest solutions have support for voice technology in a bid to offer virtually faultless voice-driven user experience.

With Tantiv4’s input, this new kit can allow hardware manufacturers to perform assessment integration and testing. This helps them in working with interactivity, connectivity, and voice control while developing solutions for home automation lighting and smart appliances, especially with configuration and lighting.

According to a spokesperson at Tantiv4, the purpose of Tantiv’4s efforts with this kit is to accelerate the integration of Amazon Alexa into commonly-used home equipment. Some of these include light switches, thermostats, and appliances, and other smart IoT-based home products. With Smart Home Technology from ThingaOSTM, Tantiv4 envisions a future home that is primarily managed with voice commands.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to understand why Tantiv4 has been spending its resources in the voice industry. It is not merely a feature; it is the future technology that is going to be a major part of future IoT expansion. Tantiv4’s efforts are not stand-alone; they are dedicated towards creating a powerful IoT and voice infrastructure by facilitating OEMs to release cutting-edge solutions to the market. In case you are interested to have something similar in your home or workplace, send us a message.

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