Must-Have Security Recommendations for Modern-Day IoT Devices

Must-Have Security Recommendations for Modern-Day IoT Devices

Since most appliances in your offices, factories and home tethered to the internet, you have got everything at your fingertips. However, this convenience comes at a cost: a new opening for hackers to infiltrate your IT infrastructures.
This is why NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) took matters into its own hands and published a security guide. The guide includes a multitude of cybersecurity recommendations that can help in protecting IoT devices. Whether the equipment is installed in a factory, hospital, or home – you can apply them uniformly to all types of IoT devices. They are listed below:

Device Identification

An IoT device should be like a human – it must have a unique identity number or, in technical terms, a serial number. This unique identifier can ensure proper access to all devices. When all the movements of IoT devices are recorded, it is easy to hold them accountable, especially in case of a breach so that you can isolate the infected device quickly.

Device Configuration

If a user fulfills all the authorization requirements, only then he/she is allowed to configure the software of that specific device. Authorization is done to ensure that neither a malicious third-party nor the IoT device itself – as it happens often – can alter the security features or operation of the device.

Device Protection

The data exchanged by the IoT devices must follow a specific data protection strategy to store and transfer it over the network securely. These strategies must use the latest security options like encryption. Secure encryption can ensure that even if any third party can somehow access a device, they cannot make sense of any of the contents.

Logical Access

The IoT device must restrict access to its network and local interfaces. For instance, the device, along with its corresponding software, must offer authentication for user identity, so that credible participants can efficiently connect the device via their username/password credentials.

Software and Firmware Update

It is necessary to configure both the firmware and software of a device with a configurable and assured mechanism. This allows the device to receive automatic updates and software patches from the manufacturer.

Cybersecurity Event Logging

The device must keep a log of events related to cybersecurity. These logs must be available to the manufacturer. It can assist in vulnerability detection so that the device can receive quick fixes.

Where Is Tantiv4 In Terms of Cybersecurity?

As one of the leading IoT-based startups in the world, Tantiv4 already did its fair share of research. We have studied all the cybersecurity loopholes that can be exploited by cybercriminals.
We strive to apply all the recommendations mentioned above in our IoT protocols & products. We also added numerous other security measures through which our products remain an impenetrable fortress that can frustrate even the most dangerous of cybercriminal groups. To strike up a conversation on our cybersecurity vision and strategies for IoT, contact us so we can offer a comprehensive and in-depth explanation.

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