Reviving Supply Chain with IoT

Reviving Supply Chain with IoT

IoT is a collection of interlinked physical devices that can collect, report, send, and receive data remotely. A brief analysis of these devices makes it clear that they can be an excellent investment in the supply chain. IoT devices have revived the supply chain industry and allow it to reach newer heights. Here is how these devices help to authenticate and track goods throughout the supply chain.

Identify Goods Location

Suppliers are installing IoT equipment with raw materials, finished products, and storage containers. In this way, GPS satellites can identify IoT objects from anywhere, enabling efficient movement of goods.

Monitor Speed of Goods

IoT devices help to monitor the traffic flow and speed of the movement of products. In this way, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers can learn how the goods pass through their existing supply chain in real-time and decrease handling times.

Track the Storage Conditions

Ideal conditions are necessary for storage when it comes to goods like chemicals and food. IoT devices have sensors through which they can track humidity, temperature, light intensity, and other environmental metrics. These devices ring an alarm to the relevant authorities whenever the limit of the specified threshold is crossed. Hence, this allows for improving the quality of goods and decreasing spoilage to a considerable extent.

Improve Route Planning

Sometimes, specific routes in the supply chain carry obstacles that affect the delivery. IoT devices can assist with route planning and goods tracking to identify when and where are goods stuck in the transit. Suppliers can then focus on contingency plans and pick up alternative routes to boost their supply chain. As a result, within a short time, IoT can make sure that you end with the best possible routes for your supply chain.

Search for Goods in Storage

When IoT devices are attached to goods, it is easier to find them in a distribution center. This makes it convenient to search for specific products in a huge warehouse, which in turn enhances the identification and management of goods.

Verify Goods on Arrival

As IoT devices provide verified tracking, the SCM (supply chain management) is able to verify the exact arrival timings of the goods. Hence, this can optimize administrative tasks like onward shipping requests and supplier payments.


Final Thoughts

It is important to note that IoT devices depend heavily on high-quality network quality to operate at their best. You have to ensure that the position of your goods is easily transmitted to the satellites. Similarly, consider what connectivity will you need like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other options. Keep in mind your routes will include areas with a larger amount of radiofrequency and electrical interference.

You also have to make sure that your IoT devices are installed, configured, and powered correctly. This can only be done if you can contact an expert like Tantiv4. We can access your supply chain and weave a robust and secure IoT infrastructure that can instantly create better results to manage your goods in a better way.

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