ThingaOS™: Making Smart Living Even Smarter

ThingaOS™: Making Smart Living Even Smarter

Thanks to really innovative ‘Smart Home Technology’ from ‘ThingaOS™, it is now possible for various cross platforms to provide highly complicated decision making solutions while increasing multiple device capabilities.

In tomorrow’s bold new world, machine learning will have an ever increasing role in taking on various responsibilities, such as predicting and automating highly important tasks that are part of our day to day routine. Various actions that had hitherto been the sole domain of science fiction are now a living breathing reality. For instance, the thermostat can ‘talk’ to the energy meter in order to ensure that you have a nice, warm welcome when you arrive home after a hard day at work. And you do not have to type in commands either. On the contrary, such tasks will be conducted in the background.

Seamless Connectivity Across a Veritable Plethora of Platforms and Ecosystems
ThingaOS™ platform has the unique ability to understand your voice commands. It can integrate with Google assistant, Siri as well as Alexa in order to perform daily routine functions so as to make smart living an everyday occurrence. This pioneering platform can not only take over many tasks that you used to do on your own before, but it can also help ease various technology challenges for the makers of smart living products.

ThingaOS™ can easily operate on most of the popular ecosystems including Google, Amazon, and Apple and can provide full support for all of their respective voice interfaces. And since they are all integrated together, it essentially removes the need for the user to operate a cross section of different devices and apps at the same time.

Using ThingaOS™ as Part of a Smart Living Lifestyle
A home equipped with ThingaOS™ can control everything. For instance, you can close the lights by ordering Alexa or Siri to do the needful in any part of the home. Using smart plugs, you can also switch your TV and other appliances on and off via a verbal command, which you can issue even before you leave your office. From the security point of view, you can lock the door once you leave and in case there is an intrusion, not only will the alarm emit a harsh beep, but the ‘day and night’ camera will take a picture of the intruder and mail it to you so that you can take the appropriate action.

In a nutshell, if you are a believer in smart home technology, then it is possible for many of your devices to be controlled by a common ThingaOS™ framework that can do anything and everything, from controlling your washing machines all the way to brewing your coffee.


From saving your home from unscrupulous elements to decreasing your power bills and keeping your home warm in the winters, ThingaOS™ pretty much does it all.